12 reasons why Mums make great employees | Jobs for Mums Malta

Melanie Drury July 26, 2016


Employers who think that employing a mum is detrimental to their work force (as all she can think about is babies) could never have been so wrong.

Most mums can be classified as super-mums. When observing the skills with which mums handle family life, most non-mums will marvel at their abilities to juggle so many tasks at once and get so much done in a single day. Mums learn how to do this out of necessity, acquiring skills which are invaluable on any job.

An employer who exploits a mum’s natural skills will be one step ahead of one who thinks that mums may be a burden to their company’s operations. Here’s why:

1. Mums are used to multitasking

Picture a mum, preparing dinner with a crying baby in her arms and answering the phone, all at the same time. Doing several things at a time - and effectively at that - is the sort of thing most mums will naturally become adapt at. When planning, organising and executing tasks and responding to requests simultaneously are a normal part of a regular day of a mum, such multi-tasking skills are carried into the working world.

2. Time management comes natural to them

Mums know the importance of time management. With little ones in the house, effective use of time is crucial: baby needs his or her due attention; other offfspring must be driven to and from school and extracurricular activities; the shopping, cooking and cleaning must be done; and time must be set aside for the care of the partner as well as self-care. When so much must be fit into a single day, every day, mums learn the art of time management to its most effective and efficient degree, which is invaluable in the organisation and execution of work-related tasks as well.

3. Mums tend to be task-oriented

Part of a mum’s ability to get so much done in a day is her focus on getting tasks done so that she can focus on the other things on her to-do-list. The same attitude is adopted with regards work tasks, where she will tackle a thing at a time (or several at once) and complete it to satisfaction before moving on to the next thing.

4. Mums have extraordinary organisational ability

Effective time management is largely due to proper planning and the ability to stick to such a schedule. Mums have been naturally trained to organise their time and tasks effectively at home and bring such skill into the work environment too.

5. Mums offer high productivity

Part of the extraordinary time management skill of a mum includes the ability to highly perform within a set amount of time. Mums know how precious time is and don’t waste a second. A mum may complete a task in half an hour where it could take a regular employee an hour to complete.

6. Mums are the most versatile flexible time workers

When mums are so used to juggling different demands at all hours, they are the ideal candidates for employers who require flexible workers who can be available at a moment’s notice. Mums will know how to squeeze in the unexpected demand and fulfill it effectively, with the minimum fuss.

7. They have natural people management skills

Dealing with a toddler will train any woman in psychology. She will learn how to motivate, is naturally empathic and knows how to compromise so that all parties’ needs are met. These skills are particularly useful for working mums who will be managing a team of people. Adults are only overgrown kids after all.

8. Mums are responsible workers

Mums know the importance of keeping promises and will never let you down. If they say they will do something, they will do it. They understand the importance of taking responsibility for one’s words and actions and you can always count on a mum to fulfill what she has set out to do.

9. You can rely on a Mum’s professional attitude

Mums have no interest in faffing about or flirting at work. They are respectable, responsible, and take pride in what they do. They will execute their tasks and deal with colleagues and clients professionally and demonstrate their worth in the workplace.

10. Mums are naturally loyal and committed

Mums are not only loyal and committed to their family; they are also loyal and committed to their role and the company they work for. Mums returning to work are grateful for the opportunity to continue proving their worth in the workplace and will work with greater dedication.

11. Mums are happy workers

Whether it is gratitude for the opportunity to work or the welcome break from being mum to being a self-actualised person, mums are usually self-motivated and content performing their role. They are naturally predisposed towards keeping a positive attitude under all circumstances in order to survive all odds, and this is a noticeable characteristic of mums during demanding times at the workplace.

12. Mums require minimal management

It follows, due to all the above reasons, that mums require little direct management. This is particularly true for professionals who draw from years of previous work experience to perform a particular role. Mums are self-motivated, loyal, committed and efficient workers.  They want to prove their worth - to themselves and their employers - and will strive to excel in whatever they do.