Work Smart not Hard! 5 Valuable TIPS how to help you Working Mums's Work-Life balance

Jobs for Mums - Katja Dingli Bennetti May 28, 2017

You're psyched. You've just received 'THE' call. The company you've been eyeing wants you to join their team and you're over the moon. After a two year pause you can't wait to to relaunch your career and put your skills, experience and passion back into the game. Secretly you feel that your 24 month absence has kept you back and you're determined to show everyone and yourself that you have the super ability to juggle home and work like the pro you know you can be.

Congratulations! We're happy you're about to take the giant leap back into the working world. Here are our five tried and tested tips which will make your come-back as easy as pie and more importantly will guarantee that even though you're spending a quarter or more of your day away from home you'll still have precious time to spend with your family.

1. Create a hybrid network

One of our absolute favourites and most crucial tips in our book. Schedule all appointments in the localities which make most sense. So when scheduling child-care, doctor's appointments, supermarket, pharmacy stops and even your visit to your beautician or hair stylist, make sure that they're all in the same areas. We're literally spoilt for choice so it's super easy to plan everything around the same area and avoid traveling from one side to the island, or even worse, getting stuck in traffic.

2. Use your time wisely

Waiting for your kids to finish their ballet class or do you spend your Saturday morning waiting for your little one's football match to finish? Use this time to plan the week ahead, schedule appointments, finalize shopping lists, create a list of actions you'd like to complete and plan goals you'd like to accomplish during the following week. Take the time to sit back and draft out what the week will look like. You'll find that this will save you precious time and make your mind clear.

3. Accept any help that you can get

Just because you're a strong determined female force doesn't mean that you should do everything on your own. When family and friends offer to help out say YES! They won't think less of you for accepting their assistance, more often than not you'll make them feel wanted and appreciated more than you could ever imagine so it's really a win-win.  

4. Get your partner involved

It's the 21st century - high time we really practice what we preach and involve our partners in family errands and house chores. Split all work duties, don't assume that all of the tasks related to your house and kids are your responsibility because they're not. Sometimes, when we give the impression that everything is under control and when we project that we can do it all on our own we're giving the message that we don't even want our partners help. Communication is key.

5. Meal Planning

Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner meal planning will become one of your favourite activities. Invest some time to research quick and easy twenty minute healthy meal ideas, start a calendar, create theme nights (like Wednesday can be pasta night!), involve your kids, choose one shopping day and make sure you get all the ingredients you need, prep food ahead (cut all the vegetables in advance, throw them in a wok the next day with your favourite spices and presto you'll have a healthy stir fry your family will love to indulge in). Be strategic about freezing (making double portion of soup or pie and freeze it), keep a well stocked pantry, don't overload your fridge (opening the fridge door and staring at a fridge full of ingredients can be overwhelming), and finally, delegate tasks to the kids - let them set the table and get them involved in the kitchen
Ready to jump in?

Want to add any tips to our list? Drop us a line on or message us on FB - we're certain that working mums will find your tried-and-tested suggestions valuable. One last thing, make sure to find time for you. Dedicate a couple of minutes a day to gather your thoughts, shower yourself with self-love practices and spend some quiet moments to celebrate what an awesome working mum you are.  

Coming up next - tips, tricks and techniques to show your boss that you mean business.

image: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz