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Melanie Drury June 22, 2016

Although a person may be capable and willing to work, sometimes full time hours are simply not an option.

Motherhood is not the only commitment that makes striking an ideal work-life balance difficult; anyone may be dedicated to caring for an elderly parent or a family member who is ill or disabled.

Other factors may affect a person’s ability to get to the office, including living remotely and not driving, certain physical ailments, and many other circumstances.

Becoming a mum need not spell the end of a woman’s career, nor does taking up other commitments or accepting certain limitations; in fact, professionals do not becomes any less capable of doing an extraordinary good job due to life circumstances.

That’s why flexible working offers all-round solutions for both employees and employers.

What is flexible working?
A lot of talent, skill and experience ends up dormant at home purely because there is no flexibility in time, place and circumstance to perform.

Flexible working matches the need for flexibility of time and place to work of employees with forward-thinking employers who understand the benefits it brings to their company.

What’s in it for employees?

  • Work from home: Work from home involves work being carried out remotely. This may either be by the use of technology or may involve a task that is not location-specific, such as assembling of toys or filling envelopes. Your agreement with your employer may permit you to work from home every day, on certain days of the week, or for certain hours of your work day. Work from home can apply to both flexible full time and flexible part time jobs. While some companies will require you to log in and out at specific times, home working may include flexible hours to suit your schedule.
  • Flexible hours: Flexible hours offer you the flexibility to work around your personal schedule. Depending on your agreement with your employer, you may arrange your schedule to meet task-completion deadlines, goal-completion deadlines, or work tot number of hours per week, and be paid accordingly. Flexible hours may also be a requirement of the company, where an employee will be required to be available to work at odd hours or at short notice. Flexible hours situations can apply to office-based, outdoor-based and home-based work alike.
  • Reduced hours and temp work: Reduced hours jobs offer similar conditions as full time work, pro rata, which may be ideal to bridge the gap between part time and full time work. Conditions may include term-time jobs during school time only, project based task-oriented jobs and short term roles. Each of these options offers particular conditions that may be just right for a particular employee’s lifestyle.

What’s in for employers?

  • Increased access to skills: Offering flexible work opportunities allows access to a large skill pool which would otherwise have remained inaccessible, from experienced professionals to task-based jobs. Mums, in particular, may also bring in a new set of skills, such as better multitasking, efficiency, etc., that are natural skills acquired by necessity.
  • More motivation: Persons returning to the working society appreciate the opportunity given to them and, in return, offer increased motivation and loyalty. They tend to be task oriented with higher levels of productivity.
  • Less management: Professionals are experienced and knowledgeable in their field, are self-motivated and require little direct management.
  • Financial viability: Flexible working can increase the workforce without the increased expenses of office space, utility bills etc.

What flexible working opportunities does Jobs for Mums Malta offer?

Jobs for Mums Malta aims to bring together flexible job opportunities and anybody wishing to work flexible hours or from home for any reason.

Jobs for Mums Malta is a new and unique job search engine designed to promote part-time, flexible full-time, term-time, home-working or project based job opportunities to thousands of job seekers looking for meaningful job opportunities which will allow them to have a better control over their work-life balance.

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