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Katja Dingli Bennetti December 20, 2016

A passion for Pashminas

Fancy helping your loved one become the best dressed gal on the block? You're in the right place. 
Pashminas transform our casual working mum attire into a stunning sophisticated outfit in just a matter of seconds - and this is why they are in our list of top favourite JobsforMumsMalta Christmas gifts for working mums. So all of you last minute shoppers do not fret, we've got you covered, we have the perfect gift idea and a super story to match which will make the working mum in your life one lucky lady. 


Here's how it all began

Our dear friend and entrepreneur Anki Ellul has transformed her passion for pashminas into her very own business giving us the opportunity to invest in these magnificent garments and be thezaFiri-Pashminas proud owners of what has become one of the most stylish, ever so chic materials which can dress up even the simplest outfits. Anki fell in love with the history and art of pashmina making more than two decades ago during her trip to the exotic India. The colours, patterns, and textures together with the time invested to make each one (180hrs to produce a 70x200cm pashmina) and the whole process of pashmina making - from the combing of the goat to get the wool followed by the harvesting, spinning, dying, weaving - swept her off her feet and she immediately became an avid collector. After her trip, she found herself throwing on her versatile range of scarfs, shawls and wraps anywhere she went - for any occasion, any season, any time of day. From a wedding to a night out with the girls or even a morning walk by the sea - one of her patterned or plain pashminas wrapped around in a different way seemed to always complete her outfit and gave her the picture perfect look she was looking for and even better - it was such a simple stylish statement with no big effort. 
Years later, destiny pushed pashminas and Anki even closer together. During her trip to Nepal she was introduced to a lovely couple who produce some of the most wonderfully vibrant collection of pashminas. She fell head over heels with the idea of importing these precious treasures to our islands and that was that. 'ZaFiri Pashminas and More' was born.  

Learn all about Pashminas (in a nutshell)

Pashmina is a fine type of wool originating in Kashmir. The name is Persian meaning 'made from soft wool' and translates to 'Soft
pachmina-Zairi-scarfs Gold' in Kashmiri. The first ever Pashmina shawl was created by Tibetans to survive in severe cold conditions. No surprise, people from Europe and The East got attracted to this creation and today the Pashmina shawl is one of the world’s highly demanded apparel for women because it breathes new life into our wardrobe. They give our outfits a classic edge, mirroring a timeless luxurious elegant style which is most importantly, incredibly comfortable. They're wrap-arounds which make us feel warm and cozy yet also give us a polished and chic look we all desire. Nothing can  beat that now can it?  It is worthy to note that pashmina products are only produced in Kashmir and Nepal, so watch out. In today’s world the word Pashmina is regretfully used very liberally and many scarves are made with synthetics or even in full. 


Why we love ZaFiri Pashminas and More 

Pashminas give us access to a 'minimal effort, maximum effect' style we're all after. Anki's shawls are made of 100% cashmere, 50% cashmere mixed with 50% wool, 70% cashmere mixed with 30% silk as well as 70% wool mixed with 30% polyester and all are authentically labeled.  Shawls can even be custom dyed in the colour of your choice. Pashmina sizes are produced mainly in standard sizes: Scarves 30x152 cm (12x60 inches)/Wrap or Stole 71x203 cm (28x80 inches)/Full Sized Shawl  91x203 cm (36x80 inches). Other sizes such as ''Macho" Size  370x370 cm or Blanket Size 137x203 cm(52x84 inches) can be ordered. 
SO really 'ZaFiri Pashminas and More' has a pashmina with your loved ones name on it and it's waiting for you to buy it for her this Christmas. Prices for this wardrobe treasure start at just 39 euros and postage is free! (our favourite words).
So Christmas shoppers, mark our words, every working mum needs and wants a Pashmina because it's the gift that keeps on giving and it has the power to transform a mundane wardrobe into a stunning one. 
Happy Christmas from all of us at JobsforMumsMalta