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Jobs for Mums February 20, 2018

A story of determination which will empower you to take charge of your career

Our TV adventures with Claire Agius Ordway on Dak li Jghodd Gwida Ghall-Genituri are as rewarding as we expected. The opportunity to encourage, motivate and empower viewers to take charge of their career and explain how the JobsForMumsMalta.com community is ready to support them. From the initial stages when they are keen to explore getting back into the working world, to their interview, negotiating their financial offer and creating a routine which gives the the chance to experience satisfaction both at work and at home - this is JobsforMumsMalta.com's mission, this, is what we do best.
We know that real life stories are what make an impact the most. Hearing a story 'from the horse's mouth', and knowing that what is being shared is a true, authentic story showing determination, passion and an uphill climb is what inspires us all so we couldn't resist inviting a dear friend, Maria Messina to join us for our TV slot.

Maria's Story

Maria is as fierce as they get. At the young age of 22 she was a single mother desperately searching for a full time job because like us all, she just had to make ends meet, and unlike most, she was doing it on her own. She climbed the career ladder swiftly and from her humble beginnings as a waitress she transformed herself into a Food & Beverage Manager, leading a team of enthusiastic culinary experts. Her 12 year journey was no easy feat because let's face it, being a single working mother is as hard as it can get.
'You have to be a great planner, you need to be the manager of your life because you don't have many options, you are solely accountable for it all' - Maria Messina
The ‘working mummy’ guilt issue creeped up on us again during our interview, just like it always does when we're sitting on the Dak li Jghodd sofa, however this time round Maria quickly explained, that while, yes admittedly we all experience moments of guilt she constantly used to remind herself that she was the sole breadwinner of her family unit and that providing for her child was her duty.
Founder of JobsforMumsMalta.com Katja Dingli Benetti explained how having a career is extremely rewarding. It makes you feel accomplished, it gives you the zest and drive to set personal goals, celebrate achievements and work hard to achieve anything you set your mind to. More than anything, women who choose to incorporate a career in their lifestyle are also sharing a valuable lesson with their young ones - showing them that working hard and striving to achieve our aspirations is a significant part of life.

Maria's Story gets even more empowering

We were already in awe because it took Maria a bit more than a decade to land a management position and when she got to the very top, rather than indulge in authority and sit in a comfortable space she decided to say goodbye to the hotel industry. She started working in a office where she had less responsibility, and less satisfaction too. Her eureka moment came to her one day while she was watching TV - she suddenly decided that wanted to hit the books, she wanted to go back to school. Having the support of her family and loved ones was the push she needed and in just a few months she completed an MCAST course after which she applied to work in a school. In the meanwhile, another curve ball came her way and in typical 'Maria Messina' fashion she handled it like a pro. She needed to Maths O Level so she went to private lessons, studied religiously after putting her young one to bed, and managed to secure this certification too.

Fast forward to today

‚ÄčToday, Maria is a Learning Support Educator, recently graduated in inclusive education - and if you think she's taking it easy, think again, she's thinking about enrolling for a degree programme and no surprise, she's also President of the Ladies Circle! Yes, this woman is as fierce.
'Ambition is what drives us, the opportunity to build the life of our dreams, overcome obstacles that come in our way, and passionately love the people who support us the most is what makes life worth living. Times get tough yet we have the power to master our life. Finally, no matter what self-love should also be given importance - we need to love and respect ourselves to be able to grow tremendously and reach our highest potential' - Maria Messina.

Special thanks to the Dak li Jghodd: Gwida ghall-Genituri team and Claire Agius Ordway for inviting us to share Maria’s story. We have some fantastic themes for the upcoming TV slots so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, if you have an inspiring story to share drop us a line - help us empower women to design a career they love and build a family they adore.

A message from our Founder

Maria is a woman who has our complete and total admiration and I am sure that she has inspired thousands of viewers and JobsforMumsMalta.com followers. Once again, our message is simple, while women like Maria continue to make us proud, this interview is yet another reminder highlighting the importance of companies embracing flexibility in the workplace and supporting their finest asset - their people.