About Jobs for Mums Malta

Jobs for Mums Malta is a job search engine dedicated to promoting part time, flexible hours and work from home job opportunities. 

Jobs for Mums Malta is designed to provide a platform where flexible working opportunities, such as part time work, flexible hours or work from home, can be advertised to a pool of skilled and experienced professionals who require flexible working conditions.

Jobs for Mums Malta promotes only work from home, flexible hours, flexible full time, reduced hours, part time, term time, project based or temporary roles; no regular full time jobs will be found here.

Jobs for Mums Malta aims to:

  • fulfill the needs of a pool of thousands of job seekers who are looking for meaningful job opportunities that fit in with their life, when other commitments or circumstances prevent them from taking up regular full time work, and
  • encourage employers to consider offering flexible working conditions to access this otherwise inaccessible human resource and talent.

The unique design of the Jobs for Mums Malta job search engine allows for very specific searches that return only search results of job vacancies which meet the exact criteria entered by the job seeker. It is therefore quickly becoming increasingly popular with prospective employees who require flexible working conditions, as it saves time and effort sifting through hundreds of inappropriate jobs on other job search engines. If you require flexible hours or to work from home, part time work or reduced hours, this is the place to look.

Employers can find support and assistance in devising and providing flexible job opportunities through Jobs for Mums Malta - we are here to help forward thinking employers to latch on to the trend that has put other companies ahead of the rest.

We invite any employer to advertise flexible jobs on the platform. We invite anyone who is looking for flexible job opportunities to use our platform, and to apply for any of the advertised jobs. 

Jobs for Mums Malta supports equal opportunities.