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Jobs for Mums Malta October 12, 2017

Malta retains the third lowest unemployment rate in Europe and the battle for top talent is reaching an all-time peak. The GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs CEO Abigail Mamo told The Malta Independent on Sunday that the Maltese private sector enterprises are currently experiencing a human resources crisis as a result of the country’s low unemployment numbers, and that university students are being approached before they graduate in order for them to take up jobs once they graduate. Could this crisis be an opportunity in disguise?

Why companies need to explore the  'work from home' and teleworking culture

From a company's point of view - the 'work from home' initiative opens doors to some incredible opportunities. Brands get to employ top talent from all over the world, steal star employees from competitors and have a highly engaged remote workforce that delivers results. Some of the world's fastest growing brands establish goals, rhythms of communication and metrics for all their employees, work from home team members included so they can monitor productivity without having to worry that the job won't get done.
From the employee's point of view, a survey summarized in a recent Microsoft whitepaper, Work without Walls, confirms a number of benefits for working from home including more time with family (29%), the advantage of working from a less stressful and quieter environment (38%), the elimination of a long commute and traffic (44%), higher productivity (45%) and a higher chance of reaching a healthy work/home balance (60%).

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Think this isn't the initiative for you? Think again.

If Amazon, IBM, Dell, Salesforce and Adobe (just to mention a few) think that ‘Work from Home’ is an amazing initiative that’s part of the reason why they’re celebrating record profits year after year then it’s worth our consideration don’t you think? Now, we know that industries that are most likely to offer work from home opportunities include ICT, health, finance, customer service, marketing, education, training and sales however, we'd love all businesses no matter how big or small, had to give the ‘work from home’ concept a shot and consider this initiative to be a super opportunity for them to engage with some of the island's most talented individuals who have the skills, experience, knowledge and drive to deliver yet opt to work from the comfort of their own home.
It boils down to this ‘If you want to attract and retain the best talent, it’s time to get flexible’ and can’t wait to support you and celebrate your success.