Job Application - Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the ‘T&Cs’) of Jobs for Mums Malta owned by KATJA DINGLI BENNETTI, bearer of Maltese identity card number 0422503L (hereinafter ‘JFM’) having VAT number MT22248303 


1.1 JFM advertises part-time, reduced-hours and flexible job opportunities, including but not limited to term time jobs, home-working, temporary and project-defined jobs. 

1.2 JFM operates via a number of sources, one of which is the internet website (the ‘Portal’), of which JFM is the authorized licensee.

1.3 By accessing the Portal and any other sources of which JFM is the authorised licensee and/or owner, the Portal User acknowledges that he has carefully read through and accepted these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are applicable to any sources controlled by JFM. 

2. T&Cs

2.1 The Portal User hereby agrees and accepts that JFM markets employers’ vacancies which fall within the remit of JFM and does not provide any service to the Portal User other than access to the employer’s marketed and advertised vacancies via the sources operated by JFM. 

2.2 The Portal User acknowledges and accepts that JFM is not liable for any information provided in job vacancies marketed and/or contained in any other  advertisements including lineage advertisements, display advertisements, logos and banners which appear on the Portal and any other sources from time to time. 

2.3 JFM is solely a marketing medium and platform. In this regard, the Portal User acknowledges and accepts that JFM is not in any way or manner a recruiter, intermediary or agent for or on behalf of any employer or providing any recruitment agency services in any way. 

2.4 The Portal User furthermore acknowledges and accepts that JFM is solely a third party in any correspondence, including but not limited to the conclusion of any services or employment agreement which may be reached by and between the Portal User and any employer, which may be the result of a job vacancy marketed by JFM.       

2.5 JFM undertakes best endeavours to ensure that the Portal will be available 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, the Portal User agrees and accepts that JFM reserves the right to shut down, restrict access to parts or all of the Portal without prior notice. 

2.6 The Portal User expressly acknowledges that the use of the World Wide Web is at its risk and without any warranties or conditions whatsoever, express or implied. 

2.7 The Portal User further agrees and accepts that JFM shall in no event be liable to the Portal User for any inaccuracy, error, omission, loss, damage or shortcoming caused in whole or in part by information contained in the Portal or other sources operated by JFM. 

2.8 The Portal User acknowledges and accepts that JFM is free to amend, modify and make any changes from time to time to such T&Cs as it may deem fit without prior notice. 

2.9 The Portal User acknowledges and accepts that information provided on JFM sources may be owned by third parties, some of which may not be affiliated to JFM in any way or manner and that the mere fact that information is posted on sources of JFM does not itself signify JFM’s endorsement or agreement with such information. This is applicable also to blogs and articles shared through JFM sources. 

3. Privacy Policy

3.1 Any information including, but not limited to, personal, business and any other information relating to the Portal User which JFM may have access to shall be treated with strict confidentially and will not be divulged or shared with any third party other than any governmental authority upon due cause, including but not limited to information which the Portal User may provide to JFM for the purposes of subscribing to JFM’s periodical newsletter. 

3.2 JFM endeavours to take all reasonable steps to protect any data belonging to the Portal User. JFM uses cookies stored by your browser to understand who has seen which pages and advertisements, determine how frequently particular pages are visited, determine the most popular areas of the Portal and generally to monitor usage of the Portal. The Portal User acknowledges that JFM does not control the use of cookies by third parties. 

3.3 The Portal User acknowledges that the Portal may link to other portals and websites. JFM is not responsible for the data policies, content or security of these linked portals. JFM also does not control the usage of any data by third parties which may be made available to them by the Portal User. 

4. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

4.1 These T&C shall be governed, construed and interpreted under the Laws of Malta.