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FTIAS Ltd - An Equality Mark Accredited Brand

Jobs for Mums - Katja Dingli Bennetti June 22, 2017

FTIAS Ltd was one of the island's first companies to celebrate the concept of flexi-working and adopt it within their company culture. They dedicate countless hours and extensive budgets to training and development and are proud to foster in their team an overall sense of belonging, brand loyalt...

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Working women are high in-demand | Jobs for Mums Malta

Katja Dingli Bennetti June 13, 2017

Results of which were published in the Academy of Management Journal.The key finding? Firms with women on their boards were indeed more profitable. Women in the C-suite are associated with higher profitability.

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Island Insurance Brokers - An Equality Mark Accredited Brand | Jobs for Mums Malta

Jobs for Mums - Katja Dingli Bennetti May 29, 2017

In the second interview in the 'Equality in the Workplace' collection, the JobsforMumsMalta Team met with Dr Sharon Dos Santos De Castro LL.D, Commercial Claims Manager at Island Insurance Brokers Ltd who gave us more insight as regards to the process required to achieve the prestigious Equa...

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Work Smart not Hard! 5 Valuable TIPS how to help you Working Mums's Work-Life balance

Jobs for Mums - Katja Dingli Bennetti May 28, 2017

Congratulations! We're happy you're about to take the giant leap back into the working world. Here are our five tried and tested tips which will make your come-back as easy as pie and more importantly will guarantee that even though you're spending a quarter or more of your day away from...

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