January 2017

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Interview with Krystle Penza | Jobs for Mums Malta

Katja Dingli Bennetti January 14, 2017

Meet our Maltese Working Mum Krystle Penza. We are sure that you have come across or perhaps even own some of her beautiful jewellery Mvintage. We are not only great fans of her collections, but we love her positive, happy spirit too. Read along and find out just how this creative working Mum makes ...

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A Collection of Myths, Pros and Cons of being a Working Mums

Katja Dingli Bennetti January 13, 2017

In the spirit of the new year, we thought we'd get the record straight, try our best to get rid of any social stigma surrounding women who have families and also work, and share the real-life pros, realistic cons and the hilarious myths revolved around working mums.

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The Women's Business Directory launched by Jobs for Mums portal | Jobs for Mums Malta

Katja Dingli Bennetti January 07, 2017

Today, as we celebrate our first day of our second year, we are happy to announce the launch of ‘The Women Business Directory’. During 2017, JobsforMumsMalta will support businesses run by women - entrepreneurs and freelancers, by giving them a focused online platform where they can showcase their t...

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