October 2016

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Interview with Charmaine Attard | Jobs for Mums Malta

Katja Dingli Bennetti October 20, 2016

Charmaine is a highly organised working Mum, we can tell from the way she sent us her images and files, all nicely labeled but never did she think she would become a working mum. Read along and find out how Charmaine makes time for her family as well as her work without having to give up on either.

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7 ways a working mum can be her boss's dream employee | Jobs for Mums Malta

Melanie Drury October 10, 2016

While juggling life and work as a working mum, you may sometimes feel that you owe your employer for his or her patience, particularly when you are functioning at less than your optimal level of dedication and productivity due to family matters. But being a working mum at the place of work does not ...

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Katja Dingli Bennetti October 04, 2016

Raising awareness about breast cancer also means sharing ones personal story, and as a daughter to a cancer survivor I cannot not share with you the story of the extraordinary woman who has given birth to me and has raised me. My mum Jennifer.

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