February 2018

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A story of determination which will empower you - Dak li Jghodd | JobsforMumsMalta

Jobs for Mums February 20, 2018

Our TV adventures with Claire Agius Ordway on Dak li Jghodd Gwida Ghall-Genituri are as rewarding as we expected. The opportunity to encourage, motivate and empower viewers to take charge of their career and explain how the community is ready to support them and has their back t...

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How to get your career back on track after a break | Jobs for Mums Malta

Jobs for Mums February 15, 2018

The fact is that many women trying to return to work after a break find it difficult to figure out to to navigate their way back in. Even the most empowered, motivated and committed find closed doors and start to realise that their skill-set and list of certifications might not be as appealing as it...

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The survival guide to working from home | Jobsformumsmalta

Jobs for Mums February 12, 2018

Those of us lucky to be given the opportunity to work from home know that it's not a walk in the the park. Actually, it can easily get out of hand because most of us tend to lose track of time and forget or opt not to switch off and end up working more than ever before! In these dangerous instan...

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