June 2016

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10 tips to help working mums strike the ideal work life balance | Jobs for Mums Malta

Melanie Drury June 28, 2016

Mums returning to work must always face the challenge of striking the optimum work life balance. Here are a few useful tips from Jobs for Mums Malta on how to ease back into the working world without compromising your family, and how to give proper attention to family without compromising work dutie...

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How employers and employees can benefit from flexible working | Jobs for Mums Malta

Melanie Drury June 22, 2016

Although a person may be capable and willing to work, sometimes full time hours are simply not an option. Motherhood is not the only commitment that makes striking an ideal work-life balance difficult; anyone may be dedicated to caring for an elderly parent or a family member who is ill or disable...

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Interview with Claire Zammit Xuereb | Jobs for Mums Malta

Jobs for Mums Malta - Katja Dingli Bennetti June 16, 2016

Claire may be one of the strongest women I have met in my life. A fierce business woman, a caring Mum and human with the heart of gold. Jobs for Mums Malta talks to flexible working Mum Claire Zammit Xuereb for this month's Maltese Working Mum Interview.

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