July 2018

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Where am I from? | Interview with Elisavet Arkolaki | Jobsformumsmalta

Jobs for Mums July 30, 2018

For anyone who knows Elisavet and her family, you will not be surprised by the brilliant idea and message behind ''Where am I from?''. Elisavet and her family are like children of the world. Of course they all have a nationality and a birth place, but Elisavet and her Husband's l...

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Unconscious bias - does it really exist? | JobsforMumsMalta

Jobs for Mums July 29, 2018

Deeply unconscious bias includes race, gender, appearance, age, wealth and much more. It influences everything from the car you drive, the house you live in, the countries you travel to, the employee you promote over the one you don’t and even the dress you wear for an important meeting. Unconscious...

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A very personal message from our founder Katja Dingli Bennetti | JobsforMumsMalta

Jobs for Mums July 04, 2018

Juggling, balancing and integrating. A very personal message from the founder of Katja Dingli Bennetti.

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