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Jobs for Mums - Katja Dingli Bennetti July 07, 2017

Celebrating Sarah Cachia, (affectionately known as Jacob's Mum)

JobsforMumsMalta continues to bring together some of the female forces who are setting the bench-mark for 21st century working women so we invited the motivational, empathetic and self declared chatterbox who has just rocked half a century on this planet like a superstar. All of Malta knows her as Jacob's Mum and today, we're putting her under our magnifying glass and we're celebrating Sarah Cachia, not just as the mum of one of the Malta's teenage warriors, but also for being an inspiring amazing powerhouse of strength, passion, determination and joy. Get ready for a heart-warming real life interview that has more than one lesson for us all.

sarah-cachia-jacobWhat has been your greatest challenge?

Without a doubt the greatest challenge that I have had to face is when my 15 year old son Jacob fell ill and was left fighting for his life. My world came crashing down around me as the doctors warned me to say goodbye to my son. I mean how does a mother even do that??!! Having the power to make things right; to kiss and make it all better; as mothers that’s what we do. Thankfully that dreadful moment never came. My son survived his ordeal although he was left disabled, but as he went from strength to strength so did we, as a family. You see it wasn’t just my son that survived, the survivors are the loved ones around the bed too!! We had to find a way to adapt and stay positive. No easy feat.
Since the moment Jacob came out of his coma she made a promise to herself that she would do whatever it takes to make Jacob smile, this is what became her mission. After such a terrifying experience, her doctor's simply told her that the only thing left for her to do was to take her son for his therapy sessions, however this amazing mother knew that there just had to be more.

How was the idea of Survivors Malta born?

I remember thinking to myself that surely there were other families out there that had “survived” as we had, I was certain that there were families that were left feeling as lost and alone. Jacob inspired me to start Survivors Malta on FB. We reached out telling our story. Others followed. Thousands to be precise. We found strength in each other. Fast forward 4 years later and Survivors Malta has now become an NGO initiating and instigating projects to help boost the morale of families facing trauma. The next step forward is to move that support from the virtual world into the real world.
For those of you who know Sarah, then you'll know what we mean when we say that she has an electrifying, contagious energy. During our interview she shared her journey in great detail and explained how she continues to show gratitude for all the blessings and all the moments in her life which have led her to become the person she is today.  She appreciates the 'now' and understand just how precious time really is.  
'Life really is too short for the WHAT IF’S?! You have to follow your heart and shout out loud to yourself WHY NOT?! Only then can you truly reach your full potential! We fall. We pick ourselves up. We carry on. In that order. It is as simple as that!!'
Feel free to sent a request to join Suvivors Malta's Facebook group here

Give us the scoop on Jacob's Brew.

Our journey has showed us that survivors meeting survivors is simply the best medicine ever. I remember, one day, Jacob joked that we had met so many survivors over a coffee that we might as well open a coffee shop and this got me thinking. What if I were to fulfill my son’s coffee shop dream whilst at the same time provide a place to go where survivors can meet?! Jacob’s Brew was to be that place and we wanted to instill the 'Pay it Forward' concept in our little venture.
If you want to support Jacob's Bew hit a like on their facebook page here and share it with your friends, colleagues and families. 

How will Pay it Forward work?

When you visit Jacob's Brew and pay your bill (no extra charges) we will stamp your receipt with our PAY IT FORWARD stamp. You will have the opportunity to pass this receipt on to a family that you feel may need support. When they come to our coffee shop and give us the stamped receipt we will offer them a free pot of coffee or tea. Also, at the end of the financial year my family will donate a percentage of the profits from sales at Jacob’s Brew to the NGO Survivors Malta to fund existing projects and future initiatives.

It's time to celebrate our 10,000+ community and we're teaming up with Jacob's Brew.

If you love Sarah and Jacob's mission, vision and drive as much as we do? Stay tuned. we'll be sharing some very exciting news, for now, let's say you'll be receiving an an extra special invitation - watch this space.