A Collection of Myths, Pros and Cons of being a Working Mums

Katja Dingli Bennetti January 13, 2017

It's a well known fact - working mums are pure magic. We all know this, we're convinced, yet it always amazes us when we stumble over ridiculous myths or far fetched so called 'cons' written by individuals who are clearly not working mums themselves. So, in the spirit of the new year, we thought we'd get the record straight, try our best to get rid of any social stigma surrounding women who have families and also work, and share the real-life pros, realistic cons and the hilarious myths revolved around working mums.

First, to set the tone, let's start with some heartening news for working mums worried about the future of their children and guilty that they're not at home 24x7. A report by Kathleen L. McGinn Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School states that women whose mums worked, are more likely to have careers themselves, hold high key positions and earn higher wages than women who had stay at home mums. Also on the upside, men raised by working mothers tend to contribute to household chores and spend more time with the family. This research shows that women who work aren't only helping their family financially, yet are also inspiring their kids and are teaching them that contributions at home and at work are equally valuable for both mum and dad.

Sounds good? Here are some more pros.  


Self Fulfillment

Yes career driven self motivated working mums are self-fulfilled - fact. They are addicted to the always on the go' vibe, get fuel from their own energy, are happy and are a positive role model for their kids and better partners to their spouses. Apart from this, dressing up for work, setting career aspirations and actually spending time in an environment away from home just makes working mums appreciate their family time even more.

Independent Children

The Harvard Report shows that children of working mums are given responsibilities at home and therefore participate in household duties. This type of attitude makes them independent thinkers, children grow up to be able to support themselves and take responsibility for their actions. (So in a nutshell working mums shouldn't feel bad when delegating some simple home chores to their kids - boys and girls of course.)  

Quality Time

Working mums can multi-task like there's no tomorrow and always find time to spend quality time with their family no matter how busy they are. Being committed to your career certainly does not mean that you are committed to your family less. Yes, working mums really can do it all and find pockets of time to create strong connections with their nearest and dearest.  Working mums are mindful and know that their family will always be their number one priority. Having a career doesn’t change that.  

Financial Help & Independence

It's the 21st century, reality check - the majority of working mums have no option and need to work - no questions asked. And while we would hope that more and more women are inspired to climb the career ladder, launch their own business and get their well-deserved ticket to the boardroom because this what they truly desire, it all boils down to pounds, shillings and pence. On the plus side, apart from the fact that working women feel that they are also able to financially contribute to their family they build a sense of independence too.
Don’t get us wrong. We're by no means saying that working mums have got it made or that it's a bed of roses. It's not a perfect world and working mums don't have a perfect life. Here are a couple of cons all working mums face.


Missing out on firsts

Yes working mums are haunted by the green eyed monster when they miss out on precious firsts such as first words or first steps. Even worse, it's heartbreaking when your toddler calls out your babysitter’s name when they are sick or discover something new. We all want to hear ‘Mama’ don’t we? All of us have experienced this heart ache, and this con is really at the top of our list. It really is a lot to chew.

Just because we skip from one task to another like we're prancing around ever so elegantly does not mean it's as easy as it looks. After a long day at the office working mums go home and start their second full time job which we would dare to say is even more challenging. Yes, creating a work life balance is easier said than done for a working mum, as they have to manage what's happening at work and at home on a daily basis, give the highest level of attention and input possible and try their best to maintain a healthy loving relationship with their spouse too. No easy feat now is it?  

Office politics

It's the 21st century however in the majority of workplaces working mums aren't given any flexibility at all and women who suffer from harassment at the workplace (unbelievable - this still exists!) know how this sort of attitude can dent a woman's morale and is truly depressing.

Now let's wrap this blog post up with some myths that are sure to make you grin.


A working mums success ruins her relationship

Now this worries us alot. One would assume that your life partner would  be proud to celebrate your success. They would encourage, motivate you and support you because this is why you chose them to be your so called partner in crime. If your partner is envious of your success rather than appreciative for your amazing skills and efforts, then the problem isn't your career progression but your relationship.  

A woman's place is in the kitchen

Our absolute favourite myth of them all! Antiquated thinking at it's highest level especially when you consider that more women graduate from Universities all over the world and there is ample evidence that women on leadership boards not only get results, yet drive their company to incredible success. Women are leaders by nature and confining a female to a kitchen is a sheer waste of talent. Need we say more?

Now that was our collection of pros, cons and myths. Do you have any more to add to our list? We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line. In the meanwhile, we'd like to thank working mums for their hard work, determination, passion and commitment to their career and their families - know that you are appreciated and you'll always have the JobsforMumsMalta team cheering you on.