Could a Returnship programme in Malta work?

Jobs for Mums December 04, 2017

By now you know how we do things in the world. We're always on the look-out to come up with initiatives or launch campaigns which have had a successful impact in other countries and which we believe could inspire, motivate and help women get back into the working world.

Returnship is a concept coined by Goldman Sachs back in 2008 to help ease the transition of high potentials back into the job market. Back then, these high potential females were in their majority, career oriented graduates who had taken time off from work to raise children and who paid a high price for their decision because we all know that once you step out of the work place it's harder to get back in, harder than we think. When we do manage to successfully claim our spot back in the working world we're overwhelmed with an array of new technologies which have suddenly become general office practices.

Here's our take on returnship programmes

FACT - increasingly, companies are realising women have a huge amount to offer, especially when they have experience in a particular role up their sleeve. On one hand finding skilled, experienced and qualified talent is one of the biggest challenges of employers across all industries while on the other hand, there are thousands of very talented women who are longing to get back into working world yet are being forgotten or not being considered.
The Returnship program is a unique way for a company to develop talented individuals who, after an extended absence from the workforce, are seeking to re-start their careers. These exclusively designed programmes leverage the skills of women 'returning to work' and help them transition back into the workforce. In the same way that an internship offers a guided period of exploration during which interns cultivate the skills that will serve them in future careers, Returnship programmes help to sharpen skills in a work environment that may have changed significantly since their last experience as an employee. It's a win win and there's absolutely no risk for either party.
We think we're onto something, we believe returnship programmes are worth a shot so here's how we'd like to get started.

Employers - we’ve got news for you

There are loads of ways of how you can implement a returnship programme at your company. Here are some of our favourite ideas to help you get started!

1. online and on-the-job training

In the case of online training, you’d really be showing how flexible your company is! Individuals can learn all about your brand through your own e-learning courses and you can even design practice tests at the end of each module and give prospective employees a certificate of completion! On the job training is also very valuable - our tip here is to immediately establish who will be taking the prospective new recruits under their wings and scheduling their work plan.

2. one-to-one mentoring

This can be a flexible way of learning more about potential candidates and seeing if they’re the right match for your brand. Assign your top leaders to a prospective employee and ask them to mentor the newbies into future company stars. They’ll report back to you with their feedback and recommendations.

3. networking events

Networking events are a great way to scout new talent! Host a casual open doors event and welcome women who are interested in getting back into the working world. You’ll get to show off your brand and spot the potential star candidates too!  
Here’s one more incentive which should help. Together with the private sector, Malta’s JobsPlus has designed an incentive to encourage more companies to employ talented unemployed individuals - this scheme includes a type of ‘returnship initiative called The Work Programme Initiative Scheme. Check it out here

Let's put this theory to the test!

Let's say this is our 'end of year' experiment which just might turn out to be the golden idea which increases the amount of females in our work-force - if we create just one match between a talented woman and an prestigious brand we'd be over the moon and all our efforts would be worth it. One thing is for sure, we won't stop coming up with innovative ideas as well as introducing tried and tested concepts to make sure that females get the attention they deserve.