Soft Skills Training; Lev.4 ECVET; 4


The area of Human Resources training, is one of the oldest realms of studies which albeit has kept updating itself at a very steady and continuous pace, reacting dynamically to the sign of the business times. Future projections clearly indicate a further demand for highly trained and qualified human resources in the various branches of financial services, management and business administration.

All this provides fertile ground aimed at enhancing the concept of a holistic approach to vocational education and training which goes beyond the technical content, and delves into exposing employees to those skills which are an ever increasing requirement to reach the cutting edge where only the best is good enough. One way of helping employees establish themselves on the career horizon, is through Soft Skills Training.

The importance and relevance of Soft Skills and underpinning aptitudes will surely continue to contribute positively to the enhanced employability within the areas of Financial Services, Accountancy, Business Administration, Marketing and HR Management and a myriad of other employment niches.

It is the programme’s intent to provide participant with skills which are necessary to make available a proactive cohort vis-à-vis the national strategic indicators and needs. A quality mixture of hands-on experience, applied theory, together with an energetic interest in furthering one’s own career horizons, aims at inspiring a cutting edge for employees who opt to follow this very interesting programme.