Basic Computer Skills for Parents and Guardians


Parents are increasingly recognizing the importance of the computer as a tool and also of the importance that their children use this tool.

Nowadays computers are being used for various reasons and in different settings. Children are being introduced to computers at a young age both at home and at school. They are beneficial for enhancing the children’s creativity, literacy and access to information. With the advent of the internet children now have access to an “unlimited” library of information. However whilst understanding the importance of the computer and the internet the dominant discourse is that at the same time parents are apprehensive when their children use the computer. In certain cases this stems from the fact that parents lack the computer skills required in order to be able to better monitor their children’s activities when using the computer.

Nonetheless the discussion is not only limited to the use of the internet. Parents are also recognizing the need to acquire the basic skills in order to be in a position to help their children in preparing or researching school material using various application software such as a word processor, spreadsheet, publishing and presentation software. Conversely, this course shall target both aspects highlighted herewith. The course shall give an insight to parents on the benefits and dangers of computers and how they can control aspects such as time usage and application access.

The course aims to:

Familiarise participants with the internet and related tools such as social networking, e-commerce and research tools

Equip participants with the basic computer skills to appropriately supervise and assist their children accordingly whilst using the computer

This is a 20 hour course. Lessons are held as indicated on the prospectus and website.

Learning Outcome 1: Describe the basic features of the computer

Introduction to computers

Common Computer Terminology

Computer Performance and features

What effects computer performance

Tools to improve computer performance

Learning Outcome 2: Use the computer and internet safely and securely whilst ensuring child safety

The Internet & World Wide Web


Communicating on the internet

Windows Parental Control Features

Browser Parental Control Features

Handling the computer as a family-implementing user accounts

Social Networking Benefits and Safety Issues

Internet Safety Aspects (Phishing, Cyberbullying, viruses, worms and Trojans)

Learning Outcome 3: Use web research tools to help children in their school work

Internet searching techniques

Research Sources

Useful Google Tools

Learning Outcome 4: Perform essential tasks using productivity software for educational purposes

Common Features and commands

Word processing basics

Spreadsheet basics

Presentation basics

Publishing Software basics

The following are the suggested pre-requisites and/or entry requirements needed;


This course is aimed for beginners; however participants are to note that this is not a full basic computer course. It only covers basic aspects which are specific to the nature of the course.

An MCAST certificate of attendance will be awarded to all students attending more than 80% of lectures

There are no summative assessments in this course.

There are no additional costs or special materials/equipment to bring