Work Life During & After Maternity Leave

Jobs for Mums November 15, 2017

The weekly ​TV show Dak li Jghodd: Gwida ghal Genituri is jam packed with essential information for parents-to-be. When you put together the extensive amount of content we have​ planned and Claire's passion for the subject in particular her drive to encourage more women to join the working world, well this​ makes our role as resident guests​ even more empowering​. Sessions are being transformed into online and offline discussions so we decided to dedicate a blog  for​ each topic - this will act as a great reference point for anyone who wants to dive deeper into subjects presented and get in touch with us with their own personal experiences and recommendations.

Our Selected Topic for programmes 1 & 2

dak-li-jghoddWe dedicated our first two programmes to ‘Work Life During & After Maternity Leave’​ because we know that this is always a hot topic with our community of working women, in fact, we started this year by sharing a blog dedicated to myths, pros and cons of being a working mum - here, yes we know what information our community craves​. Realistically, whil​e mums to be are extremely excited to welcome their child, more often than not, they also experience anxiety and guilt​ because they want to find a way to not rock the boat at work yet also be the best possible parent they can be. Our main message in this two part series was to convince our viewers that maternity doesn't necessarily mean that your career is about to come to a halt, it just means that one must plan more wisely.

Here are some ​tried and tested tips which we recommended during the show.

1. Plan with your employer

Communication is key. Create a work plan which fits in the company's strategy and create a timeline which includes milestones, targets and goals which will give you and your team clarity and give you the confidence to conquer the best of both worlds. Remember, working women are high in-demand - have doubts? See for yourself here.

2. Start to incorporate 'work from home' early on

If the company you work for promotes flexible working schedule specific communication times dedicating to touching base with your team or manager.  Set up a home working space and start getting used to the concept of dedicating a scheduled amount of time working from home, this will help you become more disciplined and will get you into the habit of working from home. 

3. Remain Involved

If you decide to dedicate a couple of extra months (or years) to being a home mum make sure to keep yourself updated and involved in all that's happening in your field. Find time to keep learning so that any time you're ready to jump back you'll still be as relevant as you were before. Luckily there are loads of online courses, magazines and LinkedIn communities which will help you stay on track - and on this note, we'd love to invite you to connect with the founder Katja Dingli Bennetti on LinkedIn right here - feel free to fire away any questions! She'd be happy to help. 

4. Choose your child-care centre early.

Take the time to find and decide the best child-caring arrangements for your baby well before your maternity leave finishes. Take a few days before you return to work to do some ''trial runs''. Exposing your baby to new caregiver/s for a short period of time may also help ease the transition back to work for both of you. Find a childcare close to work - efficiency dear ​friends is key. Interesting to note, a poll with c​ members found that the top reason new moms leave their job was the cost of childcare this isn't the case for residents of the Maltese islands who get to benefit from free child-care. Read all about this initiative here.

5. Engage with new mums

Look for other new Mums, join Mum and Baby groups. These are the people who can understand you and whom you can relate to best, remember, you're not alone, there are tons of communities such as which will give you the advice, encouragement and the support you're looking for.

6. Accept help with open arms

Nearest and dearest want to support us, they really want to make our life easier so, accept any help that comes their way. Plan your week with your partner and involve them in all the pick-ups, drop offs and errands - remember you’re part of a tag team you’re not raising your children alone. One more thing, don’t underestimate the power of your multi-tasking techniques - sometimes we’re so good at making things look easy that the people around us don’t even dare to ask us if we need help, it’s up to you to delegate.

More interesting reads!

Hope over to this page here and here to learn more valuable tips about working smart, not hard. In the meanwhile, we'll be back on the Dak li Jghodd Sofa on the 5th of December to talk about how to juggle work, home and kids in 24hours. We have some crucial tips, super interesting ideas and loads of suggestions for our viewers. Drop us a line on or chat with us on FB and share any of your personal experiences or recommendations - we can't wait to hear from you.