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Jobs for Mums - Katja Dingli Bennetti May 08, 2017

Just weeks ago our founder Katja Dingli Bennetti was invited on the popular TV programme Ilsien in-Nisa (if you  missed it watch it here) to talk about the power and success of our online portal and flexible measures in the work-place for both men and women. Being around motivated women who are ready to make a change inspired us to to come up with this challenge.  

During the TV show it was clear that we all believe that we have the power to take it to the next level and get more people warming up to the concept of flexibility in the workplace. We can bring the change that we've been dreaming of, the change that will make your life easier and will give you the chance to manage your own time, reach your targets, climb the career ladder and dedicate time for your family - you really can do it all.

Let's get to work.

Now you might think we're getting ahead of ourselves because introducing flexible work practices may at first appear difficult. However with some planning, a little consideration and a willingness to try something new it's easier than you think. Eager to try this out? Here are four steps to flexible work success.
1. Start with a pilot project.
No manager, boss or business owner will introduce a new measure without testing it first, especially if they might sense that it will create a revolution in their business. Take the initiative. Present your case. Start small, select a pilot project which is assigned to you and design a work plan which incorporates sessions where you are working at the office and other time-slots where you are working from home or anywhere but your office.  
2. Schedule a test drive.
Present your plan, propose this experiment and get the green light. Schedule in skype calls, send emails or use online platforms and modern technologies such as slack, basecamp or trello to map out your project and to touch base whenever you're not working from your office space. Make sure that your boss feels re-assured and is monitoring all steps of your progress.  Communication is key.
3. Put success measures into play. Review regularly
Discuss your project goals and objectives. Make sure that both you and your manager agree on the anticipated outcomes and deliverables. Be diligent, commit and review your progress regularly and make sure that you are keeping to the time-frames proposed.
4. Present a report at the end of the week
Reassurance, trust and performance are at the heart of a successful flexible working culture. Send weekly reports, make your work speak for itself. Show your boss that you can be trusted and will actually perform even better than you usually do because you are given the power to manage your own work-flow. You will get the job done and the results will be outstanding.  

Implementing flexible working the right way can lead to increased engagement, lower turnover and create a stress-less environment for yourself and your colleagues - this all results to a more satisfied workforce. 

Here's our challenge for you.

Get the discussion going and propose one pilot project idea which will incorporate flexible working to your boss. It doesn't have to be a major project, remember the aim is to get your manager to recognise that introducing flexibility in the workplace is a good idea. Prepare a solid pitch, be confident and come up with a watertight plan.
Tell us all about your flexible work experiment. Send us an email on and share the pros, cons, what you've learnt, your recommendations and conclusions. We will share your stories and inspire more working mums to be the individuals who drive change in their company for themselves and everyone else.  
Come on everyone, let’s be the ones to shine a light on flexible working. Let’s be the change we are looking for. The JobsforMumsMalta team are rooting for you.
Definition - Flexible Work is used to describe a wide range of work styles and employment practices which differ from the traditional way of working we know today, read about them here