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Jobs for Mums April 03, 2018

We’re back on the Dak li Jghodd: Gwida Ghall-Genituri Sofa. 

During this week's JobsforMumsMalta feature interview with Claire Agius Ordway on Dak li Jghodd Gwida Ghall Genituri, our founder Katja Dingli Bennetti gave some valuable tips for women who are interested to work from home as well as shared details regarding the EU's latest report to women in the ICT sector.  
But first! 
Catch up on one of our latest blogs to get some super great insight on flexible working! As a run up to this interview, the JobsforMumsMalta team shared their survival tips for women who are interested to work from home. If you missed the blog check it out here

Flexible Working Opportunities

During this week's sit down interview, Katja started by pointing out that working from home isn't an easy feat - it requires focus, dedication and commitment. The ability to work productively from the comfort of your own home isn't as simple as it sounds however the satisfaction is immense and it could be the perfect solution for mums who are eager to get back in the working world and want to work from their own space. It's an ideal scenario for women have the ability to take charge of their timetable and create a schedule which incorporates personal, family and work all rolled up in one very rewarding lifestyle. Visit JobsforMumsMalta.com and discover the latest work from home opportunities. 

'Transform your passion into a profession'

This is one of the mantras of the JobsforMumsMalta team! Having the opportunity to get paid for doing what you love is the absolute best career choice you can ever make. Katja encouraged viewers to explore what they enjoy doing most, discover if they have any hidden talents and see how they can transform that passion into a fully fledged career. From cake making to blogging, from sewing or fashion design to social media management - we all have so many talents that can turn out to be money making opportunities. 

Careers in ICT 

In a recent survey it was noted that women's participation in the tech sector will provide a boost to the EU economy. ICT specialists are in particularly high demand, with employment growth in ICT more than eight times higher than the average employment growth in the EU (Eurostat). However, just recently, in the local scene, we dedicated a blog post to a panel discussion which concluded that attracting foreigners to our islands was the number one solution. Remember our #WhatAboutWomen campaign? Check out the blog here
The European Commission strives to encourage and empower women to play a more active role in the tech industry and who can blame them? The numbers speak for themselves. 
  • Only around 17 % of the almost 8 million ICT specialists are women.
  • More women in digital jobs could create an annual €16 billion GDP boost in the EU.
  • Research shows that female owned start-ups are more likely to be successful.
  • Businesses would benefit because diversity at inception leads to better products and services.

Shining a light on the ICT industry.

The majority of ICT companies have a flexible working company culture which encourages both men and women to take charge of their career, be more productive and deliver results based on established targets. And if you’re thinking that a career in ICT is best defined by a techie or geek coding away like there’s no tomorrow, well think again. Careers in the ICT industry include creative, code, technical and productivity skills - so if you’re a talented designer, or if you’re a social media lover, the ICT industry is probably the perfect space for you.

It’s never too late to join the ICT arena

You might be a lover of classroom learning or you might prefer studying at your own pace online - no matter what your learning style is there are loads of courses that you can enrol for - some of which are free and do not require any previous experience - that’s right you can start from scratch and build your career from the ground up in a matter of months! (Free as in no strings attached here are some examples of free courses in this blog here)
Another inspiring interview full of loads of information and encouragement for women who are eager to get back in the working world. Have a topic you’d like us to tackle? Drop us a line on info@jobsformumsmalta.com and we’ll be more than happy to include your suggestion in this season’s Dak li Jghodd: Gwida ghall-Genituri edition. 

A message from our founder

From flexible work opportunities, potential start-up ideas and careers in ICT the sky’s the limit so believe you have what it takes, create a support system around you and know that the JobsforMumsMalta.com team has your back and will be there to give you all the encouragement you need to achieve the career aspirations you’ve always dreamt of.