Handle Summer like a Working Mum Rockstar

Jobs for Mums - Katja Dingli Bennetti June 28, 2017

Summer holidays start in a couple of days time! Yes it's that time of the year when we either go slightly mad and rush through the Summer months like we're on planet crazy or we embrace the beauty of the hot holiday months and glide through the next 90 plus days gracefully. Here are our top five favourite tips which will help you handle Summer like the working mum rockstar you know you can be.

Summer schools, pick ups and drop-offs  

A couple of months back we shared our blog with recommendations for Summer schools. (In case you missed it - here it is!) By now you've probably selected your preferred school at a location which is part of your daily route and are eager for your kids to get into this season's routine. We are too. When it comes to dropping them off and picking them up, accept any help that comes your way. Involve your partner or parents in the drop off or pick up roaster and invite some of your trusted friends to join in a car-pool and split the driving time. Make sure you have the school's number on speed dial just in case you're running late.  


We're not all 'Jamie Oliver' star students now are we? While we might not all gifted in the kitchen department, the skill to grill is something we can all easily master. Throw a couple of steaks on the BBQ, add a basic salad, jacket potatoes and presto - your super delicious dinner will be ready in minutes. It's the quickest menu plan you could ever think of and frankly, it's also the most loved. Throw a killer backyard BBQ your family will adore and win your battle with the clock. Stop slaving in the kitchen and celebrate the gift of grilling.

Beach Life

It's time to hit the beach. Make sure to pack sun-tan lotion, snacks, a couple of their favouite beach toys and, a book or two for you. Yes that's right. While they play and swim to their heart's content you get to dedicate well-deserved 'me time', work on your tan and invest in some serious personal growth. You can even switch into your working woman mode and reply to your emails, work on some projects and timelines and keep abreast with any new developments in your selected line of work. The sea-breeze and the beach vibes will feel like heaven and you'll find yourself inspired to work, while your kids splash in delight. Multi-task like the super-woman you really are and craft some time to relax.  

Add more flexi-time to your Summer

Our interview with Christine Apap from FTIAS should motivate you to speak to your HR team and discuss any flexi-time ideas which would be super to start in Summer. The company you work for could be thinking of launching flexi-time initiatives, you might get the chance to show that you can work from home and be just as effective or your manager might find your quest to achieve a work-life balance inspiring. Get the discussion going, there’s a chance you’ll be pleasantly surprised. No need for long term commitments - suggest that you give flexibility a shot for just one week, show that you’re ready to be accountable and are committed to your brand.

Plan a fun packed family holiday

Yes, Summer time means that most of us are in holiday mode. Not all destinations are family friendly and traveling with kids isn't always as straight-forward as we hope so, we're putting together an extra special collection of articles which will guide you through the family holiday booking process, give you essential travel tips and inspire you to surprise your family and take them on a fun packed trip. Stay tuned for more. One thing is sure, family holidays will be your favourite time of the year if you follow our simple tips and advice. 
That's it from us! These are the five tips that keep us sane and that help us embrace the gorgeousness of Summer and enjoy this season to the max. Any ideas and recommendations you'd like to share? Drop us a line. Send us an email on info@jobsformumsmalta.com. We can't wait to hear from you.

Happy Summer!