Interview with Charmaine Attard | Jobs for Mums Malta

Katja Dingli Bennetti October 20, 2016

Charmaine is a highly organised working Mum, we can tell from the way she sent us her images and files, all nicely labeled. Never did Charmaine imagine she would be going back to studying in her adult life.
Charmaine decided that after becoming a Mum to her son ( today 5 years old ), she wanted to stay home.  She thought it would be a good idea to just take a course in Early year education with MCAST,  to aid her with her new role in life as a Mum. Or at least that is what she thought. 
Charmaine very quickly realised her calling and graduated from MCAST with a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Advance Early years as Kindergarten Assistant II. She works at Hamrun S.S. Primary School where she is loving every minute of her working day.
Now there was no doubt in her mind that she wants to be a working mum. Her friends say she is organised ( ya! we believe that ) and a charismatic person who loves to have fun. 
Read along and find out how Charmaine makes time for her family as well as her work without having to give up on either.
Name and Surname: Charmaine Attard
Age: 29 Years
Relationship Status: Married
Children: 5 year old son
Work Status: Employed
Company name: Ministry of Education (in San Ġorġ Preca College, Ħamrun S.S Primary School)
Position: Kindergarten Assistant II
How did your career change when you became a Mum?
My career changed for the better once I become a Mum, this is because I stopped doing work for others and started working for myself. Charmaine explains that since becoming a Kindergarten Assistant, she feels for the first time that she can express her creativity through the teaching and playing within her own classroom and with her students.
I am lucky to have a career which allows me to enhance my knowledge, while at the same time build upon my motherhood experience and learn from other parents and children to be a better Mum for my son. 
How do you and your child spend time together? rainy-day
We both love doing the same types of activities; cooking, crafts, science and anything else that is hands on. After school I usually pick him up and we have our daily talks in the car about how the day passed by. We laugh and giggle constantly and we make our own type of fun out of anything. 
My five year old is into fantasy and role-play, therefore most of our time together we end up creating our own adventures while we are still on the go. It is not uncommon that we get that odd look whenever we are pirates hunting for food in a supermarket, or whenever we are superheroes running around in the rain. None of us cares, because we are having fun, and are creating memories together.  
In what ways do you allow your work life and home life to overlap? 
Let’s put it this way… scissoring, printing and laminating is easier done at home, and for those who have never experienced teaching, good planning needs to be done at home especially during holidays (YES even those Summer days). The type of work I do is kind of an extension to my home life and vice versa.
What motivates you? 
My son and students, their world is so innocent that they enjoy life as it is with all it’s good and bad days. 
What flexible work opportunities does your employer offer?
We have very limited amount of hours that we can take as special leave. However whenever my son is off school, so am I usually, therefore for me this is ideal.
What flexible options in your opinion should be introduced to help todays’ parents achieve a better balance between work and life? 
To have the opportunity to apply for sick leave when own child is sick and can’t go to school (of course one has to be sure that no one abuses from the situation).
We hear about employers’ concern and doubt towards the commitment of a working Mum. What would you tell them?
A working Mum can still bring up the same amount of work as another employee would and she can still put in the same amount of quality. Although she has children it doesn’t mean her work ethic needs to change. It can be any gender and anyone who loses interest in their work or change their priorities, it doesn’t necessary needs to be a working Mum 
Can women have it all? What advice would you have for Mums striving to do it all? 
If you have a positive attitude towards life, YES a woman can have it all. Look at the bright things in life rather than the present negative. When one is striving, one needs to remember to never stop trying. Challenge yourself slowly and be proud of the smallest achievements so you will have enough stamina for greater things. 
What is the best parenting advice to give to working Mums or those looking to return to the work force?
Being a parent is wonderful however being a working Mum helps you to reconnect with yourself and focus on other tasks that are not necessary related to your child. Being a working Mum gives you more independence and it helps you to learn from others who may also be in the same situation as you.
if_you_dont_love_lifeCharmaine loves getting her hands dirty and loves to share her new ideas through her creative blog and website If  you need any ideas like those that go on inside a Kindergarten Class, and pinch some ideas to do at home with your little ones during your free time, make sure to visit her website for lots of messy fun. 
A big well done to this Maltese working Mum! We salute you!