Interview with Krystle Penza | Jobs for Mums Malta

Katja Dingli Bennetti January 14, 2017

Meet our bubbly January Maltese Working Mum. We are positive that you have come across, or perhaps even own some of her beautiful jewellery of Mvintage, but we are not only great fans of hers for her timeless collections, but also love her positivity and happy spirit. Here one young, fierce working Mum, Krystle Penza. 
Read along and find out just how this creative working Mum makes her work-life balance happen. 

Name: Krystle Penza
Age: 33
Relationship Status: Married
Children: 1 child
Work Status: Self-Employed
Tell us something about yourself and your career background. mvintage_krystle_penza
Im a  33 year old mum to a lovely daughter Francesca, and self employed in my own Jewellery Business; Mvintage. I worked in Brand Management since the age of 21 for popular international designer brands. I am a very positive person and in life have always had clear targets. I love and appreciate nice things but I’m not materialistic; as Iong as I am in good health and happy I feel wealthy. Family is the most important thing for me. 
What motivated & inspired you to start your own business?
When I started the business at the age of 29, I was on Maternity leave; It was a period in my life where possibly for the first time ever I had time to reflect on what I really wanted to do, also asmvintage-interview other mums can surely relate it was a time when my priorities had changed. All of a sudden I discovered a new level of love and my life became all about Francesca. 
I struggled to give my best as a mum because I just did not want to fail in being a good mum to Francesca, but soon after I learnt that for me to be the great mum I wanted to be, I could not bury the old Krystle. 
I learnt that to be a good mum you first have to feel good in your own skin. I was very entrepreneurial, very passionate and hard working, loved my career, loved fashion, loved branding, loved design and I just couldn’t bury all that away. I had to find a solution offering me more time and flexibility with my daughter whilst enjoying my job. So I started my research and found my own niche within the jewellery market, and with the support of my husband I decided to give it a shot.
Tell us about Mvintage. 
Mvintage was born out of the desire to give women a brand that represents them, that is multifunctional to their needs, moods and outfits. All pieces are modern classics and inspired from vintage pieces. I wanted to give women an affordable lifestyle brand which they could relate to. The designs are inspired by women themselves and upon every opportunity I always thank the women who have contributed to inspiring me in the designs and have encouraged me and supported me to keep going. Today Mvintage is distributed in 8 other countries including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland and Slovakia.  
What has been the most challenging aspect about being a working Mum? 
Well I always believe that life is challenging for everyone, I simply try to make the best of my time. When I’m at work I focus on the job and hope to inspire the people who work with me on Mvintage. On the other hand I also try never neglect Francesca from her quality time. Like other mums I find time to take her and pick her up from school, to do the homework together, to go to parties together and make the best of our time together. There are times that people ask me how do I manage and I smile and reply ‘I actually don’t’… Because at times its not easy; and I do fall back from my motherly duties, but when that happens I focus on making it up to her soon after and take a few days off work.  
Like other mums reality is that I never stop from school to work to home, I’m human too and sometimes it does become very exhausting, but I guess my passion and determination are strong enough to keep me going and as they say; what does not kill you will make you stronger. 
mvintage_krystle_penzaQuality or Quantity? 
Quality, Quality a million times Quality! Quality time at the office, Quality time at work.  Doing More in Less Time has become a lifestyle.
In what ways do you allow your work life and home life to overlap? 
I absolutely don’t allow that to happen much; Well I used to, but not any more. That is one of the strictest rules I have set to myself!  Like many I look at my mobile and check my emails but I don’t even take my laptop home any more. I want to enjoy my role as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, a sister (when I spend quality time with my mum and sister) or a friend. 
How do you keep motivated through difficult times?
I have learnt that life is about learning to dance in the rain. Developing and managing an international brand is not an easy challenge, we compete with the big brands in the market; customers buy from us because we offer women something different and better than the others and that is something very difficult and challenging. You need a clear mind, focus and a lot of thinking out of the box… Every day is new challenge a new opportunity, which comes along with its complications so to say.  My secret has always been my positivity;  and it does not only help me, but also the employees around me who feel inspired.
Do you think it is easier or harder to be a working Mum today? 
Well, I think this is a very subjective question. I will speak for myself and from my experience. Being a working mum has been very hard, yet I would not have it any other way.  Mvintage helps me express myself and brings out the best in me. On the other hand Francesca is my life; she is my ‘sunshine’ and nothing is more important than her in my life.  Having the support of my family especially my husband has been vital, I can say I have been one of the lucky ones who has managed to find the right balance.
What is the best parenting advice you would give to other aspiring working mums?
Always follow your dreams, nothing is impossible if you believe in it and you are determined enough to work for it and never give up! 
WOW we say. Big WELL DONE Krystle for your hard work and determination. You are defenitely an inspiration to many, and we here at Jobs for Mums wish you all the very best for this coming New Year.