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Jobs for Mums May 20, 2017

Put your hands together for the loved by all Itsy Bitsy Eyewear which was one of the first to support the JobsforMumsMalta Women’s Business Directory way back when we launched it in January 2017 and has since then lined up a super CSR initiative that makes us want to shout from the rooftops.  

Itsy Bitsy Eyewear, is a European online children's optical shop and distributor based in the Maltese islands specialising in children's eyewear, which offers a wide selection of stylish, durable and value for money frames for children as young as 8 months old. Apart from being super trendy, fun loving, fashionable and a favourite with kids needing glasses, this brand has stolen our hearts because the team has managed to craft a corporate social responsibility campaign called 'We See You!’ which is inspirational and has the potential of getting us all in the mood to give back more. This socially conscious brand is working closely with local NGOs and Schools and has dedicated a budget to give free eyewear to underprivileged children who require new frames. That's right, parents who can't afford to buy eyewear for their children can get in touch with Appogg, NGOs or their school Principal asking them to get in touch with Itsy Bitsy Eyewear Team. Talk about a brand on a mission to give a helping hand.

'It all started when my own children needed glasses at the age of 3. I searched high and low and I just couldn't find a brand which offered style, comfort, safety and durability. When I stumbled over some of my favour brands that we carry Nanovista, Silicon Baby and NanoSol I knew that I just had to share these amazing brands with other parents who were on a quest to find the perfect pair of little specs for their children. Supporting underprivileged kids is super rewarding, we are intrinsically motivated to help and we're very proud to do our part ' - Katja shared.

You would not believe unless you see for yourself how flexible and durable NanoVista Children eyewear frame are click here!

We're inspired to do more!

We're as proud as punch to share that our very own CSR idea The Women's Business Directory continues to welcome companies of all sizes. Brands pay a reduced annual fee of 50euros which is donated in full to St Jean Antide Foundation to fund education and training of underprivileged women in our society. Fill in this online form here to get started.

If we all give back just a little the world will be a better place so we encourage you to dig deep, look around and see how you you can make a difference and make someone else smile - the satisfaction is immense, there's really nothing else that can match how great it will make you feel, and that’s a guarantee!

Contact Itsy Bitsy Eyewear on +356 99207090 or email them on info@itsybitsyeyewear.com 

This is a sponsored advertorial by Itsy Bitsy Eyewear