Employers guide to job posting and flexible working

Jobs for Mums Malta is a unique job search engine designed to promote flexible working opportunities.

No regular full time jobs are advertised here. Jobs for Mums Malta is a place for employers who would like to advertise reduced hours and flexible working opportunities to an interested audience, on a platform which allows Mums and flexible job seekers to easily search and find these jobs.

Many mums and various talented, skilled and experienced professionals are looking for valid and meaningful jobs with unorthodox conditions: fewer days per week, a shorter work day, flexible hours, home working and temporary roles. The Jobs for Mums Malta platform is where they will start looking. 

Advancement in technology has evolved the way in which companies and families operate. As information and communication technologies evolve, so do employment opportunities, and flexible working is the way forward.

Types of Flexible Working

Jobs for Mums Malta is available to any employer - private, state or otherwise - as long as the job opportunities offered are:

  • Flexible full-time jobs - these may include flexible hours and / or be flexible in terms of office-based or home-based.
  • Reduced hours jobs - these offer more than 20 but less than 40 hours per week, for which NI is payable and employee benefits are same as full time, pro rata.
  • Part-time jobs - these consist of less than 40 hours per week without social security contributions.
  • Term-time jobs - this is temporary work for a specific term, such as when filling in for a person on maternity leave or extended sick leave. It also refers to work during school term time only.
  • Short term roles - these are temporary opportunities ranging from few days to few months, and may be for definite or indefinite periods.
  • Project based jobs - these are temporary job opportunities based on executing tasks for the duration of a particular project only.
  • Work-from-home jobs - this involves work being carried out remotely by the use of technology, or task-based work that is independent of location, such as assembling toys.
  • Freelance jobs - this means work that is available for freelancers who work independently rather than as employees, and who can perform the assigned tasks on behalf of an employer who, in this case, is a client.

Employer Benefits of Flexible Working

Employers who have not yet considered flexible working should note that:

  • Experience and task oriented candidates require little management.
  • Self-motivated candidates offer higher productivity.
  • Flexible working provides access to an otherwise inaccessible pool of talent, skill and experience.
  • Forward thinking companies are the ones that benefit first from innovative new trends.

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