Junior Interior Designer

Multiple Freelance 1 - 24 hours/month

Job Details

Architecture, Engineering and Design
1 - 24 hours/month
00:00 to 00:00

The BDesign team has established itself as one of the island’s leading boutique design houses specialized in creating beautiful residential and commercial spaces which are memorable. We are now looking to grow our team and are eager to meet talented, trustworthy individuals who have the skills, insight and passion to work on a freelance, flexible basis from the comfort of their selected environment. 

The ideal candidate would have extensive knowledge of CAD and 3d software while knowledge of Sketchup and 3d rendering software are also beneficial. Our new team member will be expected to have a fantastic work ethic, display good time management skills. Experience is an asset however not necessary making this a wonderful opportunity for a wide-spectrum of design-loving individuals who aspire to collaborate with a dynamic team of creatives lead by Beatrice Migneco. 

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  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Attention to Detail


Considered an asset

  • Design Experience

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