ARMS Ltd - an Equality Mark accredited brand

Katja Dingli Bennetti April 12, 2017


The JobsforMumsMalta team is an advocate for equality in the workplace and we love shining a light on companies and organizations which make an effort to implement equality mark initiatives within their company culture.

Nikita Alamango, Senior Manager Corporate Services, Human Resources and Marketing & Communications at ARMS Ltd graciously found the time to meet us and share her thoughts about why the Quality Mark is an essential certification for ARMS Ltd

Why is the Equality Mark an essential certification?

In the local arena, NCPE grants the Equality Mark to organisations which demonstrate a commitment towards best practices and go over and above the minimum required by law in the area of gender equality in employment. The Equality Mark is truly a wonderful certification because it shows clients and consumers which companies recognise and promote the potential of all employees irrespective of their gender and caring responsibilities, companies which are setting an example and showing that they are taking steps of a giant to ensure that all employees are treated equally, companies we ultimately all want to work for.

arms-ltdWhat equality measures have been introduced at ARMS Ltd?

ARMS employees are given the opportunity to start work thirty minutes later than our official opening hours and then compensate for this at the end of the day. This is a great initiative for parents or guardians who need to drive their children to school or individuals who like to start their day with a workout at the gym.  Employees also enjoy being part of an organization free of harassment, they benefit from family-friendly measures such as telework, flexible hours and reduced hours, equal opportunities for training and promotions, ensuring that a better work life balance is achieved. In the case of management, trusted employees commit to achieving their targets, goals and work the agreed amount of hours and enjoy flexibility.

What measures does ARMS Ltd take to ensure equal opportunities in recruitment?

Nikita_Alamango_ARMSARMS Ltd has established measures to ensure equal opportunities in recruitment and employment practices and career and personal development opportunities. I'm proud to share that we have a 50% parity in senior management positions and 4 out of 7 employees are female members of the ARMS Ltd. management team. Furthermore, our HR teams takes standardized measures to  ensure equal opportunities in recruitment and employment practices through gender neutral calls, as well as in career and personal development opportunities, offering family-friendly measures and promoting work life balance is high on our agenda.

Have you adopted any family friendly measures in your organization? Elaborate.

In line with the government laws, ARMS offers employees teleworking options, reduced hours, parental leave (LN 225/2003), a career break initiative as well as responsibility leave. Through these gender equality measures we have seen higher efficiency namely because we make better use of all of our company's resources. This initiative has also helped us to reduce costs through staff retention and better address customers’ needs since employees represent a cross section of society.

Why should companies embark on achieving this certification?

I'm proud to work for a brand where individuals can progress in their career based on their potential and not their gender. The quality mark helped ARMS because it evokes the value we put on gender equality not only amongst staff but also between management and senior roles. Apart from being a great investment it has proven to be an essential certification for our company. The whole application process took 6 months which when taking into consideration that this time-frame included a thorough audit from NCPE and audit review, is a relatively short period of time. Thanks to this certification ARMS Ltd has adopted an equality and sexual harassment policy and continues to strive to give employees the chance to achieve an ideal work life balance. Gender equality policies at the place of work benefit both employers as well as employees and I encourage companies to learn more about the value of this essential certification.

The Equality Mark is an initiative designed by NCPE and supported by the European Social Fund. Individuals are encouraged to contact NCPE for assistance either by mail on or by telephone on +356 2590 3850.

This is a sponsored post by ARMS Limited