Eurobridge Shipping Services Ltd - An Equality Mark Accredited Brand

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Established in 1995, EuroBridge Shipping Services Ltd. started as freight forwarders from Italy. During the last decade, they have comfortably positioned themselves as one of the leading freight forwarders company and are entrusted by individuals and companies to move cargo to/from all over the world. Customer satisfaction remains their absolute ultimate priority and this is what motivates their employees to have a sense of belonging, brand loyalty, and a great passion to achieve success for their brand.  Managing Director, David Abela found the time to meet us to share more details regarding Eurobridge’s journey to achieve the prestigious Equality Mark certification by NCPE 

Why was it important for the Eurobridge to achieve the Quality Mark? 

EuroBridge is extremely committed to being one of the top organizations to offer the best practices in the area of gender equality and during the years we’ve celebrated a diverse team which has proven to be an important part of our success.  We firmly believe in recognising and nurturing the potential of all employees, irrespective of their gender, and achieving this quality mark shows that we do. 

How long did it take to get accredited? 

The journey began in mid-March 2018 and we were officially accredited on the 30th of July 2018.

Have you adopted any family-friendly measures in your organization? Elaborate. 

Due to the lifestyle that we are all living, family friendly measures are crucial for employee retention and ultimately a brand can only develop and grow based on the talent of its team. To date, a number ofeurobirdge-ltd-equality-mark employees have flexible hours and apart from this individuals can alter workday start and finish time and can choose to work a lesser number of hours as compared to the mandatory working hours set for all employees. 

‘We strive to encourage synergy, teamwork and cooperation between the employees of EuroBridge and also with the customers’


What are your views as regards to flexibility in your working environment?

Offering increased flexibility resulted in attracting and retaining a greater number of employees. Moreover, we believe that flexibility boosts productivity, it also helps to keep employees motivated, and less stressed while we’re proud to share that thanks to flexible working hours absenteeism has decreased. Most importantly, flexibility makes employees feel trusted which in turn increases their brand loyalty.

Are there any females in top management posts? What are their roles? 

Yes! Presently 2 out of our 3 managers are women - our Operations Manager and our Sales Manager play a critical role in the company and their work has been extremely important to achieve the success that we have. 

What measures does Eurobridge take to ensure equal opportunities in recruitment? 

Decisions in recruitment processes are made solely based on merit and we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race, religion or any other factors. We promise that as an organization we offer equal pay for work of equal value and we guarantee that all new employees are given adequate training and are welcomed to our team in the same manner. 

Why do you believe that other entities, organizations and businesses should strive to achieve NCPE's Equality Mark? the NCPE’s Equality Mark is a promise of a company’s professionalism and integrity and we are so proud to be one of the local brands which have earned and achieved this prestigious certification. We encourage all companies irrespective of the industry they represent, to practice gender equality, be harassment-free and work towards achieving this certification which has become essential. 
One can easily conclude that when it comes to flexible-working and integrating 21st-century working strategies within their company culture the Eurobridgeteam are doing a wonderful job. Furthermore, while the team is extremely proud to have achieved the Equality Mark certification they continue to invest heavily in the renewal process to ensure that they continue to create a working environment where individuals are able to make the best use of their skills, develop their talents and work in a discrimination and harassment-free environment where all talent thrive to achieve success.



This is a sponsored post by EuroBridge Shipping Services Ltd.