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Jobs for Mums - Katja Dingli Bennetti May 29, 2017

In the second interview in the 'Equality in the Workplace' collection, the JobsforMumsMalta Team met with Dr Sharon Dos Santos De Castro LL.D, Commercial Claims Manager at Island Insurance Brokers Ltd who gave us more insight as regards to the process required to achieve the prestigious Equality Mark certification and shared why the Island Insurance Brokers Team are proud to be recognised as one of Malta's Equality Mark accredited companies.

Why was it important for IIB to achieve the Quality Mark?island-insurance-brokers

Island Insurance Brokers Limited was formed in April 1989 with the mission to  provide professional, efficient and cost effective Insurance Brokerage and Risk Management Services to Malta's Industrial and Commercial Community. Over the years the company also expanded into Personal Lines Insurance. From the very beginning, Island Insurance Brokers always believed in leading by example and in fact was always a pioneer of the promotion of gender equality and the creation of an environment free from harassment. During the years, our brand has shown a constant commitment to empowering all employees to reach their potential, and we have built internal measures to make sure that all team members are given the chance to continue to progress in their career. When we heard about the possibility of achieving an accreditation for equality measures implemented within our company culture we were eager to begin the process leading to certification.

How long did it take to get accredited?

In our case the accreditation process was relatively straightforward because a number of equality measures were already instilled in our company culture. With the assistance of NCPE, our application was submitted and meticulously reviewed ensuring that all the necessary equality and sexual harassment policies were in place. We were proud to achieve the Quality Mark certification in a relatively short period of time, just a few months.

Tell us about some of the family friendly/ flexible measures in your organization?Dr-Sharon-Dos-Santos-De-Castro-island-insurance-brokers

Island Insurance Brokers continues to strive to ensure that all employees, irrespective of their gender, achieve a healthy work-life balance. Flexibility is one of the measures we are most proud of and our company's employees benefit from measures such as reduced hours/ flexi-time as well as part-time and tele-working. Personally, I have made use of these family friendly measures and was always encouraged to pursue my career whilst striking a good balance between family and work, undeniably, this has made me even more brand loyal, driven and motivated to work. Furthermore, Island Insurance Brokers is an equal opportunity employer, and ensures that all employees, irrespective of gender, status, age, family responsibilities or sexual orientation, benefit from equal training opportunities as well as opportunities to advance in their career based on their capabilities, skill-set and aspirations. Our company culture continues to ensure that our employees are happy, loyal brand ambassadors and are team knows that they are supported throughout their career.

What measures does Island Insurance Brokers take to ensure equal opportunities in recruitment?

At the moment 56% of the company’s workforce consists of  women and Island Insurance Brokers Ltd ensures equal opportunities in recruitment by gender neutral call for applications and interviews and offers the same opportunities and prospects to all its employees.  

Why do you believe that other entities, organizations and businesses should strive to achieve NCPE's Equality Mark?

The Equality Mark Award is an accreditation achieved by companies which provide the right environment and conditions for their employees, hence confirming that they are the brands prospective candidates want to work for. Time and time again, research continues to show that happy employees are productive employees and for this reason, employers who show commitment in implementing and enforcing equality and sexual harassment policies and promote family friendly measures at the place of work, are guaranteed a higher staff retention, lower training costs and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they have the best employees for the job. It's most definitely a win-win situation.
The management of Island Insurance Brokers strives to offer security peace of mind and confidence to clients, the market and of course their work-force. Furthermore, professionalism, independence, loyalty and excellence are the mantras which continue to lead this brand to ongoing success and I am extremely proud to be part of this Island Insurance Brokers team.


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