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Jobs for Mums May 28, 2018

Have you decided to brave the working world again after staying home with your little one for a while? Here our tried and tested ideas to confidently and elegantly bounce back effectively to the board room and still be a first time rockstar mama.

Getting into the right frame of mind, building confidence and planning are all some of the secrets to successfully gliding back into your work space like the new elegant mama that you are. Getting back to the working world and carving a comfortable spot where you can have the best of both worlds is really achievable if you follow these tips starting from your first days of maternity leave.  

1.    Tune in to tune out

Dedicate the first couple of weeks exclusively to bonding with baby. Tell yourself that work can wait and cherish each moment because really there is absolutely nothing as special. When you craft time to zone out from anything career related, you will be way more enthusiastic about getting back in the game and the distance might even inspire some new ideas.

2.       ​​Study your baby's patterns

Get to know your little one, be aware, look very closely - use the early days to study your baby's character, mood and schedule. Babies craft their own routine and as soon as you get to know it you can easily create your own day​ around there’s. For instance if they wake up for a feeding every two hours, that means that you have two hour blocks that you can utilize. When you get used to working in blocks, and learn how to switch and focus from one important task to another, you'll be training yourself to become way more efficient​. ​Go with your baby's flow, take your baby’s lead. Let them be your new boss. Surrender.

3.    Keep connected

Keep a clear flow of communication​ going with your manager and team. Stay connected via social media or any platforms you use to schedule and implement work-plans. Try and organize a couple of calls, find a few​ minutes a day to go through emails and stay in touch. If you've followed any of our previous blogs you'll know that we encourage that you plan prior to starting your maternity leave so that if there are any big projects or planned milestones intended to be reached you avoid last minute panic. ​

Ready for more? Here are some of our tried and tested ideas that all working women should embrace just because, they'll make your life tons of times easier. ​

4.       ​Dive deep into your closet

Make sure your wardrobe includes work appropriate outfits which fit your new figure. If it doesn’t treat yourself, buy a couple of basics. Don’t over-do it, you’ll probably be back to your original size soon.

5.    Prep the night before

Just like in the good old schools days get organized the night before. Prepare your work outfit - iron anything that needs to be ironed, make yourself a packed lunch, prepare your baby bag, check out your schedule for the day and prepare anything else that will save you time the next morning. The goal is to start your day as in control and composed as much as you possibly can.

6.    Meal Planning

Who doesn't like finding a plate of nourishing goodness waiting for them? Make your life easier, plan and prep your meals ahead. Apart from increasing your chances of eating healthy, you'll find that you'll save money too. Also, stock up on healthy stacks for work - you don’t want to end up turning to the vending machine out of desperation - it’s not the best fuel for your body whether you’re nursing or not.

7.       Wake up thirty minutes before baby (& anyone else at home)

​In a world where everyone is telling you to sleep when baby sleeps this might definitely sound strange however, it really is ​key to your sanity and happiness. Instead of sleeping in, motivate yourself to get up, pour yourself a cup of tea, have an uninterrupted shower or just sit and watch your favourite sitcom. Creating a space and time entirely dedicated for​ you is necessary, give yourself time, you deserve it.

8.       Dedicate quality time with your little one.

When it’s time for baby, leave all your tech devices in another room, switch from work mode into mummy mode and give your complete and entire attention to your little one. Look at your baby with your own eyes and not through your camera lense.

Over to you. Take it away!

It’s your turn to share any tips that helped you glide back into the working world. Or even better, get in touch with us if you have an inspiration story which will encourage and motivate our community of working mums. Drop us a line at info@jobsformumsmalta.com - we can’t wait to hear from you.

A message from our Founder

‘The world doesn’t expect us to plunge back in the working world so we should put any additional pressure on ourselves either. I think the most important thing is to enjoy each and every moment of our maternity leave, give ourselves time, space, love and communicate crystal clearly with our manager and colleagues sharing any concerns and requesting any additional support. Through it all know that you have the ability to be both an incredible mum and a high performing employee - you’re not the first one to embark on this journey so learn from other people’s experiences, test your own theories and trust that you can handle your new lifestyle like the pro that you are’ - Katja Dingli Bennetti