Our list of 10 New Year's Resolutions which will make 2018 awesome

Jobs for Mums December 29, 2017

What a year! Yes, 2017 has been one for the books for the JobsforMumsMalta.com team. We've celebrated tons of milestones, met so extraordinary women and shared so many empowering real-life stories which have continued to motivate and inspire us. No doubt about it - we have big plans for 2018 and before we reveal what's coming up, we thought we'd take a moment and share ten new year's resolutions to help you set the tone for the start of an awesome 2018.

Here are our recommended habits, goals and theories which will allow you to design 2018 to be the best year yet.

1. Let your partner be more involved in family life.

We shared a valuable lesson in our blog titled Millennial Fathers strive to achieve a work life balance - it sure was an eye-opener and made us think about all the times when we instinctively decide that we're obliged to 'do it all'. In 2018, let's give our partners a chance. Involve them in tasks and chores related to home, family and kids. Shift some of the weight from your shoulders to theirs, and indulge in knowing that you have a partner who is just as much as a parent as you are.

2. Speak up. Get noticed.

Should women act more like men? This was one heated debate. If you missed the blog check it out here. In the meanwhile, in 2018, stand up, get noticed. Don't hold yourself back, resist limiting yourself because you know you'll just end up regretting missed opportunities. Share your ideas, take credit for your initiatives and boldly make well researched recommendations that will get all eyes on you. Come on woman, show the world you've got this.  

3. Stop feeling guilty

Here's our wish to you. In 2018, don't give yourself a hard time, stop comparing yourself to other women and for God's sake - don't believe all the posts you see on social media. No one has a picture perfect life. Plan your time wisely, do the best you can, shove your guilt to the curve, stop feeling guilty because you're doing the best you can. TV and loved by all personality Claire Agius Ordway asked our founder Katja Dingli Bennetti about why women feel guilty in one of our latest TV interviews - check out what she had to say here

4. Find time to treat yourself.

2017 has taught us that self-love is essential, it is what will give us the energy, zest for life and drive to continue to reach new heights and accomplish our goals. In 2018 schedule time for yourself, buy random gifts for yourself and show yourself unconditional love and appreciation. You deserve it.

5. Say no, more.

Picture it. You're juggling a million things as it is, your to do list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter yet, you just keep piling on more and more tasks because deep down, you want to show the world that you can handle it. In 2018, say no more, don't let everyone else's panic become your priority.

6. Say yes, more.

On the other hand, in 2018, yes say more! When your nearest and dearest offer to give you a helping hand say yes! We love this resolution so much that we mentioned it during one of our 'Dak li Jghodd' TV appearances - need a reminder, check it out here.  

7. Spend quality time with the kiddos.

We all agree - in the battle of quantity versus quality, quality always wins so keep this in mind the next time you feel like you're not giving your family and children enough time. Create moments which are memorable for both you and your kiddos, schedule daily time slots when you are giving them your 100% attention. It’s all about quality NOT quantity. 

8. Multi-task less

We seem to brag about our multi-tasking techniques, sometimes it feels like we're participants in a nation-wide competition where the women who multi-tasks the most wins. In 2018, take a step back and think about the downside of multi-tasking starting from the fact that it really is exhausting. Focus on pacing yourself, dedicate your undivided attention to one task at a time and be more mindful.

9. Become an ambassador for flexible working

During 2018, our mission is to encourage more businesses and brands to incorporate flexi-working in their company culture however, we need all the help we can get. Become an ambassador for flexi-working, make your recommendations, share your insight about this subject and build the trust required to prove to your management team that you are loyal to your brand, that's it's not just about the money (this blog here should inspire you). Prove that you will get the job done no matter where you're working from or what your working hours are.

10. Invest in yourself

and finally. new year's resolution number 10 - invest in yourself. Strive to take yourself to the next level. Keep learning, dive deep into the subjects you love and achieve the certifications and industry skills which will get top brands to want to employ you. Jump onboard the 21st century learning train and hit the books. Don't know where to start? We've got your back. Stay tuned because we have some phenomenal cost effective learning ideas which will help you get started. One thing is for sure, we're super excited about this next chapter for JobsforMumsMalta.com because we know it's going to be a game changer for many of you. 
So there you have it. Ten new year's resolutions which will help you become the confident working woman you have the power to be.

And one more thing

Our success is all thanks to YOU dear followers, friends, corporate partners, advertisers and team. You continue to motivate us to work hard to leave an impact on the working world and we intend to take it up a notch and really make 2018 memorable for our home-grown brand.

Happy New Year!

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