Lights, camera, action. We're hitting the local TV waves! Watch us on Dak li Jghodd

Jobs for Mums October 20, 2017

Last year or JobsforMumsMalta Founder was invited as a guest on the popular TV show Ilsien in-Nisa - the feedback was outstanding, we were so motivated we even launched a special initiative (Have a look here). Just minutes after the show was aired we received an outstanding amount of emails and messages, enthusiastic viewers sharing their recommendations and encouraging us to continue our mission to empower more women to rejoin the workforce.
Yes TV is a powerful tool in the Maltese islands so you can imagine how happy we were when one of the island's prominent, loved by all TV personalities Claire Agius Ordway invited our very own Katja to be a regular guest on Dak li Jghodd - Il-Gwida ghall-Genituri, - the local TV programme which is the the ultimate guide for all parents and caregivers. The show is full of practical and expert advice to help deal with any situation one may encounter while pregnant, during childbirth and raising a child during the first years of life. Our expertise, that is, recruitment for females who are eager to rejoin the workforce is a perfect content match and we're thrilled to be part of the Dak li Jghodd team of experts.

Here are some of the topics we will be discussing on the show

What to expect during your maternity leave

Some women choose and manage to keep working during the maternity leave! In our first interview on Dak li Jghodd we'll talk about when and how to communicate and plan your maternity leave with your boss and how to create a work-space at home. We'll also give effective tips on how to manage your maternity leave like a pro.

claire-agius-ordwayWork life after maternity leave

Yes life does change after your maternity leave - that's a fact! In this TV interview we'll give crucial tips on how to get organised, how to involve our partners and loved ones in our day to day errands and how to set 'parent' rules with the in-laws.

How to juggle Work-Home-Kids in 24 hours

Multi-tasking is an art! In this interview we'll talk about time management, how to wisely schedule appointments and master the art of creating to-do lists. We'll also explore ways of who we can stretch our time and make ourselves way more efficient.

Women in ICT opportunity in remote/ freelance working

In this session viewers will get an insight as regards to the endless list of career opportunities which will give them the flexibility to take full control over their day. Careers in ICT, digital marketing, content writing and sales can offer give you the freedom to strike the balance we all long for. We'll also give tips on how to transform your passion into a profession and pitch flexible working to your management team.

So stay tuned!

Have another topic you'd like us to feature? Drop us a line. We have great plans for our first TV series debut and we can't wait to connect with the Dak li Jghodd audience and share valuable tips, experiences and recommendations which will definitely make a difference, continue to strengthen the brand and increase the amount of females in our workforce.

Dak li Jghodd is broadcast every Tuesday at 5.30pm, repeated on Sunday at 10am. You can also hop over to the One TV website here and watch the latest programme on demand on One Play.