Ready to rejoin the corporate world?

Sab August 27, 2016

Ready to rejoin the corporate world?

Remember your first day of secondary school? You were nervous, excited and full of all sorts of fears. You spent the night before tossing and turning, you kept wondering if you’d get along with your new friends and if your teacher would be a monster or someone who would actually inspire you. You weren’t even sure if the shiny new pencil-case you adored was as cool as you thought it was. Doubt and fear took centre-stage big time.
Fast forward to today. Let’s replace teacher with boss, friends with colleagues and pencil-case with snazzy new high heels, and presto — you’re experiencing the same feelings you did way back then. This time round it’s because you’re about to rejoin the corporate world and you’ve realized it’s just as scary, actually it’s kind of a mix of petrifying and exhilarating all in one shot.

If you’re getting ready to hit the corporate world anytime soon, these nifty HighwaytoHappy tips and thoughts should come in handy.

1. Your ego boost.
You’ve got this in the bag. Come on now, you have loads of supermum skills which are going to come in handy. You’re super organized, you solve a million different problems every day and you can multi-task like there’s no tomorrow. You’ve also transformed yourself into an exceptional negotiator so really, you’ve definitely got the techniques which will keep you on top of the game and give you the edge. You rock.
2. You got this.
Breath in, chill out, relax. Stop trying to constantly prove to everyone around you that you can handle this, truthfully you’re just trying to convince yourself. Just like riding a bike you’ll get back on track in a snap. Remember to focus, compose yourself and have faith. If you want to be the best, act like it.
3. Get organized
Yeah for you! You’re back in the working world and you’ve joined the working mum tribe. You’re in superb company. Now that you’re taking it up a notch, planning is essential more than ever before. Keep to-do lists, update your calendar, get organized and plan ahead. Stick to your schedule but embrace flexibility.
4. Treat yourself
Make sure to add time for the things you love to your to-do list (this blog post here will come in handy), we know it’s challenging but it’s also necessary. Once in a while splurge and treat yourself, carve time in your busy schedule and book a massage, do something nice for yourself, you deserve it!

One more thing
You’re celebrating another milestone and we’re right by your side cheering you on. You’re a hero in our books because you’re not only raising the next generation of leaders but you’re also part of the fierce corporate world too. You can literally do it all! Know that you are admired, supported and surrounded by other working mummies who get you.

Article written by Sab, guest contributor to Jobs for Mums Malta. Sab is a blogger and founder of HighwaytoHappy. Like HighwaytoHappy FB Page and join an online community designed specifically for amazing women who take the time to appreciate and celebrate the delicious moments in their lives.