Solutions to make a working mum's life easier - Dak li jghodd TV Programme Invite

Jobs for Mums January 09, 2018

It's our first TV appearance of the year and we're thrilled that our founder Katja Dingli Bennetti is back on the Dak li Jghodd: Il-Gwida ghall-Genituri TV set to share her thoughts, ideas and insight with the charming and loved by all TV personality, Claire Agius Ordway


Your 2018 motivational booster

We just had to start this year by empowering our viewers to celebrate their hard work and stay clear from feelings of guilt. Truthfully, guilt is something stay at home mums and working mums experience, we always feel that we can do more or rather that we are not doing enough. Working mums have a constant struggle because they are desperately trying to compare themselves to stay at home mums and focused career women, and this turns out to frustrating and highly demotivating. On a separate note, we must also mention hard-working single mums who seem to be miracle workers and manage to handle both work and family with little or sometimes no support whatsoever. 

Katja explained, that comparing ourselves to others and being self critical is only harming our performance. We need to work on self-love practices, acknowledge that we are doing the best we can and realise that we are human. 


Solutions to make a working mum's life easier. 

Flexibility at work

For working mothers, flexibility at work is a necessity not a luxury and for this reason it is one of the most essential concepts the team embraces. From simply being able to pick up your kids, to having the opportunity to spend an agreed amount of time working from home, these opportunities are music to any working mother's ears. While this concept is being introduced by companies there's still a long way to go, however Katja pointed out that it is our mission to cultivate a better understanding of the concepts and responsibilities of flexible working with businesses and individuals alike. 

Crafting a daily routine

Creating routines is one of the most important and frequently mentioned ideas promotes. The mantra 'Work Smart' must be ingrained in us all. Katja encourages working mums to schedule events in advance, plan cooking and even freeze some of your kitchen creations so that you will always have a home cooked meal available at hand. Planning is key and is the secret to success. 

Give your kids responsibilities

Involving our children in our busy lifestyle is such an important concept we should all introduce. From little chores such as clearing their room and picking up their clothes to preparing their sports bag, keeping track of their own activities and setting the table, giving kids responsibilities is essential. Apart from being a great help you will be instilling in them a sense of responsibility. It goes without saying we should give boys and girls the same chores - it's the 21st century everyone. 

Me Time

Yes we know, we might be preaching to the convinced, however hand on our heart 'me time' is always given the least attention. Be aware of instances where you can indulge in time for yourself - meet your friends for a coffee, read a book or just be still. Look for the opportunities when you can spend some well deserved quiet time, for this is an investment which will reap great benefits. 

Final Thoughts

...and just like every other discussion with Claire, our allocated time passed so much faster than we anticipated. In conclusion, Katja ended the interview by encouraging Dak li ghodd viewers to celebrate their hard work, give themselves a break, acknowledge that they are doing the best they can.

'We have to be happy with our imperfections and not pressure ourselves - this is the only way we can experience true happiness, self-fulfillment and overall satisfaction both at work and at home'


We'll be back on the Dak li Jghodd: Gwida ghall-Genituri set in a couple of weeks so get in touch with us if you'd like us to dedicate any of our segments to particular issues or questions which are on your mind. Special thanks to Claire Agius Ordway and the Dak li Jghodd crew for their support.