The Rise of the Mumpreneurs | Jobs for Mums Malta

Katja Dingli Bennetti February 07, 2017

Governments, stakeholders, unions & businesses are slowly starting to consider and introduce a number of family friendly work measures which will eventually attract more and more mums to the working world. On the  13th September 2016, the European Parliament voted, for the resolution “Creating labour market conditions favourable for work-life balance” (by 443 votes in favour, 123 against and 100 abstention). It's great that we're on the right track yet, it's taking more time than we have patience for. The hope of a better tomorrow doesn't make the frustrations go away however the good news is there is a silver lining.

Thousands of mums have the skills, knowledge and certifications which the business world so desperately needs, top that with the mummy skills they have mastered such as multitasking, natural leadership instinct, creativity, managing and/or operating on a budget, and problem-solving. Now, add the fact that mums are hardworking, dedicated and passionate and you'll end up realising that mums, don't always really need to be employed and keep waiting for all these measures to magically be introduced for they have all the skills to be their very own boss. Mums let’s consider becoming mumpreneurs.


Mumpreneurship offers a whole new level of work-life balance. Women running their own business believe that if they can't 'have it all' under someone else's rules, they should create their own rules and pave their own way. Currently, one third of the EU’s start-ups are created by women, according to a new study, which Barbara Matera, an Italian centre-right MEP and lead author on the report says is “unacceptably low.” Female entrepreneurs represent some of the best business leaders the world has ever seen and every year, female entrepreneurs take their ideas and change the world around us and the Maltese islands is no different.


How to run your own business (with a kid on your hip)

Increased cultural emphasis on work-life balance, the digital evolution, and work from home opportunities have all contributed to more women finding their way to run their own business. If you're considering starting a small business, here are five simple tips to keep you get started.

1. Select your business idea

Focus on what you love and think of all the services and products which would really make your life better. Look for inspiration everywhere, make note of all the things that frustrate you in your daily life, then research creative ways to address those inefficiencies  - bingo! Your final list will definitely include a number of ideas which could be transformed into a business.

2. Involve your family

Get your family on-board and before you know it they'll get as excited about your business idea as you are. Your very own cheer-leading troop will have your back and give you helping hand whenever you're trying to juggle afterschool activities and an important business meeting. Tell your kids all about your business and take advantage of their amazing creativity skills, remember that mumpreneurs are incredible role models who inspire their children to become independent, take the lead and follow their dreams.  

3. Keep learning

21st century learning means that you are surrounded by a wealth of information at the click of a button. Enrol for a couple of online courses, join online female entrepreneurship communities and open yourself up to the world of learning. You'll be super proud when you put your newfound skills to the test and you'll end up saving quite a bit too.

4. Networking

No one can network better than a mum! You're probably surrounded by prospective clients without even knowing. Have a close look at your circle of friends and fellow mummies and discuss collaboration ideas. Discover ways of how you can work together and watch each other transform into the mumpreneur success you both dream of becoming.  

5. Productivity

Entrepreneurs need to have drive, discipline and be able to manage time to ensure that they're keeping up with their set targets and still achieve the ultimate work-life balance that will keep them healthy, motivated and successful. Planning is key. Carefully craft strategic pockets of time dedicated to different aspects of your business and stick to your plan.  


Ready to become a mighty mumpreneur?

In order to encourage more women to start up  and run their own business, Malta Enterprise will be carrying out changes to the Micro Invest scheme . Self employed women and businesses owned in their majority by females will be granted a maximum tax credit of up to Euro 50,000 instead of Euro 30,000.

JobsforMumsMalta - our own initiative to help start up mumpreneurs and support businesses run by women - entrepreneurs and freelancers. We've created The Women Business Directory, a dedicated space where mumpreneurs can showcase their talents and businesses no matter how big or small, and watch their young enterprise grow and reach the target audience they desire. The minimal fee of 50euros is fully donated to St Jean Antide Foundation. This NGO will put the collected donations towards subsidising training courses, in full or in part, to underprivilidged women in their community.

The EU Commission supports several tools such as networks and an e-platform helping women become entrepreneurs and run successful businesses including The European network to promote women's entrepreneurship (WE), The European network of female entrepreneurship ambassadors, The European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs, E-platform: One-stop-shop for women entrepreneurship


There are countless women entrepreneurs making big moves and shaking up the startup world. The EU Prize for Women Innovators is awarded to women who have received EU research and innovation funding at some point in their careers, and recently founded or co-founded a successful company based on their innovative ideas. See the 2016 winners.

Entrepreneurship, just like motherhood, is not a 9-5 job. Running your own business is no piece of cake however, neither is raising a family so why keep yourself back when you already have the stamina and skills to nurture your start-up business into an established brand?

We know that there are so many of you who have what it takes to create a successful start up and we can't wait to shine a light on your story. Drop us a line or connect with us on FB and tell us all about your start-up idea. We can't wait to hear from you.