The Women's Business Directory launched by Jobs for Mums portal | Jobs for Mums Malta

Katja Dingli Bennetti January 07, 2017

JobsforMumsMalta launches The Women's Business Directory.

It’s our first year anniversary and we can’t believe it! It’s been an exhilarating 12 month ride and we’re so happy you’ve been a part of it. We have successfully built a space for working mums, females who aspire to jump back into the working world, parents, stakeholders and authorities who turn to us to get our take on what the working woman wants and needs to feel supported and be able to continue to climb the corporate ladder confidently and successfully. As the JobsforMumsMalta portal gains momentum today, we commit to giving back to our community for we believe that the most iconic brands are the ones who have a heart, share their success and help to cultivate feelings of compassion, warmth, hope and love.
Today, as we celebrate our first day of our second year, we are happy to announce the launch of ‘The Women's Business Directory’. During 2017, JobsforMumsMalta will support businesses run by women - entrepreneurs and freelancers, by giving them a focused online platform where they can showcase their talents and businesses no matter how big or small, and watch their young enterprise grow and reach the target audience they desire. Together we will foster an appreciation and celebrate the talents of so many mompreneurs who strive to take their idea or business to the next level. Together we will help cultivate a culture where women support women, empower and inspire each other to continue to grow. Together, all businesses promoted on the portal will also be supporting underprivileged women who need empowerment in order to start their own enterprise, reintroduce themselves into society to find employment so that every woman can find her financial independence and personal freedom.

Here’s how it works

Any woman running a business, even from home, can list her product or service on The Women's Business Directory. From sewing or baking at home to a thriving hairdressing salon or business consultation services, there is a category for your business that allows you to be found easily. The reduced annual fee of 50euros will be donated in full to St Jean Antide Foundation to fund education and training of underprivileged women in our society.
From the very beginning our mission has been to create a place where women can turn to knowing that they will find a powerful job portal which includes a collection of job opportunities that gives them the chance to shine and claim their golden ticket back into the working world. This year as we continue to work hard to make JobsforMumsMalta a household brand,  we will also focus on making sure that women who need a helping hand also find our support.  This is our goal for 2017, we pledge to do our best and use the power of JobsforMumsMalta to make a difference.

Promote your business and be part of another woman’s success

Your annual minimal investment of 50euros will give your brand exposure, the publicity you’re looking for and will help you reach the target audience you desire. Fill in this online form here to get started. Your reduced fee will be donated in full to St Jean Antide Foundation to assist funding education and training for underprivileged women. Learn more about the foundation here. We’re committed to making a difference and we are sure this initiative will make a difference to you and hundreds of women in the Maltese islands.

We believe in the power of women. We support women for we know that they can make the world a better place. We know that together, this initiative will not only give you the affordable opportunity to shine a light on your business yet also to help other women to prosper.