Join the Womens' Business Directory Malta

The Women's Business Directory is the ideal place where to look for businesses and advertise your business which in turn will help fund education and training of unprivileged women in Malta. 

Any woman running a business, even from home, can list her product or service on the The Women Business Directory. From sewing or baking at home to a thriving hairdressing salon or business consultation services, there is a category for your business that allows you to be found easily.
The Women Business Directory costs just 50 euro per year, which will be donated in full to an NGO that works with underprivileged women. In this way, we all get to make a greater contribution towards our corporate social responsibility. 
Jobs for Mums is keen to support underprivileged women who need empowerment in order to start their own enterprise or reintroduce themselves into society and find employment, so this year we have selected the St Jean Antide Foundation as the beneficiary of our fund raising. This NGO will put the collected donations towards subsidising training courses, in full or in part, to women in the community.
Jobs for Mums strives to continue finding ways to support working women and contribute towards developing education, knowledge and skills, so that every woman can find her financial independence and personal freedom.

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