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Jobs for Mums - Katja Dingli Bennetti May 04, 2016

Following my interview with the First Magazine, a couple of Sundays ago. I was delighted to receive an invitation to attend and address a class of Dr Anna Borg, Director and Lecturer of the Centre of Labour Studies/  Malta of University. Which Seminar of the day was to talk about ‘Work Life Issues’ ( UOM ) - held on the 23rd April 2016 at The Corinthia Palace - Attard. 



The Centre for Labour Studies (CLS) is an independent, educational, documentation and research centre at the University of Malta which aims to:


  • strengthen the University's link with working persons, employers and the world of work at large; and
  • promote social dialogue, active involvement and the effective participation of workers, and their representatives, in specific workplaces and in labour policy more generally.

It was a great opportunity to share my experiences made through Jobs for Mums Malta, and explain how we see Jobs for Mums Malta be part of the changing culture, and how we look at flexible jobs and opportunities. Yes, Jobs for Mums Malta may certainly know most about Mums, but we invite any job seeker male or female to use Jobs for Mums Malta when looking for flexible job opportunities, and so many do!

I was greeted by a room of Bachlor of work, and Human Resources students who clearly understood the real challenges our working society faces, and conducted very interesting case studies showcasing once again that work-life balance achieved by flexible job opportunities does make our employees happier, and as a result the same employees are more productive and committed to the company and employer. 

Yes, sadly we are still a far cry from anywhere near where we should be in terms of flexible job opportunities at large. This also showed in the case study presented by a group of students. However I feel like there is hope on the horizon thanks to the sterling work like that of Dr. Anna Borg and her students who I believe strongly will be our future Human Resources Managers who will find the right balance between reaching companies needs and expectations, as well be sensitive and create the right job opportunities for those who are faced with life challenges at the benefit of both company and employees. 

To no surprise one of the case studies conducted showed clearly that flexible job opportunity not only meant that the employee went above an beyond to meet the needs of the company ( therefore to the benefit of the company ), but the same employees have also proven that they were less likely to leave the company, because of the flexible job opportunity which they had. A very important factor for any company who hopes to run as successful business.

It also shows once again that offering flexible job opportunities gives the same companies an advantage over competitors by attracting new talent to their companies. Men and Women, Mums and Dads are looking for flexible job opportunities and if you are a company that is sensitive to their issues, you will inevitably beat your competitor when the candidate is choosing which job offer to accept. 

I found myself extremely interested in Dr. Anna Borg’s work and that of her students, I wish I had more time to spend with them that day as I am sure so much more could be learnt from them.

I can only encourage individuals and companies to apply and send their HR executives and manager to any of the two courses thought by Dr. Anna Borg.  


A two year part-time course in Diploma in Gender, Work and Society, offered free of charge by The Centre of Labour Studies in collaboration with the Department of Gender Studies and starting in October 2016.


The course delves into various aspects related to gender including; work; sociology; psychology; health; social policy; violence; economics; politics; law; crime; and cultural studies.  Lectures will be held twice weekly on Monday and Wednesday from 09:00hrs till 12:00hrs.



Or a five year part-time course for Bachlor of work, and Human Resources ( Honours )  offered by The Centre of Labour Studies in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy starting in October 2016. Lectures will be held three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 17:30hrs till 20:30 hrs.

Both courses are also available to those who fall under the 'maturity ( adult learners ) clause'. Interested persons are to apply through the University of Malta website by the 21 July 2016.  Late applications are to be submitted by the 31 August 2016.

For further information on the programme of studies see or contact The Centre for Labour Studies on 2340 3766 or by e-mail



Jobs for Mums Malta - Katja Dingli Bennetti