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Katja Dingli Bennetti October 18, 2017

Passion, determination, assertiveness, ambition, self-confidence, dreaming and aiming high are just few of the most important skills I believe are needed to be mastered in order to drive us onto a successful career and life path. 
As soon as our children are born we unconsciously begin to influence their decision making through the way we speak to them, the toys we make available for them to play with, the books we read, the roles we portray to them of ourselves. Each and every single thing we do - influences positively or negatively our children - whether we like it or not.

If we realise this, we should realise just what a phenomenal superpower we have, and how important it is that we make use of this power as early as possible. 

Here an example; ‘’From early childhood, girls are taught that their well-being and ultimate success are contingent upon acting in certain stereotypical ways, such as being polite, soft-spoken, compliant, and relationship oriented. Through-out their lifetimes, this is reinforced through media, family, and social messages. It’s not that women consciously act in self-sabotaging ways; they simply act in ways consistent with their learning experiences. - says Lois P. Frankel explains in her book. The same on different stereotypical gender assigning roles is true for boys. 

So what am I saying? What I am trying to say here is that our children become who they've been told they CAN and SHOULD be.

It's that simple.
So if for decades the people who love me most, who have invested a lifetime to raise me, tell me that I am not capable, than why and how can I ever grow up to be confident and assertive? If every time our children come to us with their trouble, we don't tell them and teach them to find their inner strength and determination to overcome their obstacles; how can we ever hope for them to become the best at what they can be in their adult-life?
We know what adult-life looks like, we understand how important it is to dream, because even as adults we continue dreaming. We understand just how important it is to build good relationships with people in your personal as well as your professional life, we also know that not all that glitters is gold and that we are always to look within and listen to our intuition. 

Remember Frederick Doughlass saying ''It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men'' I would have preferred if he would have said '' broken adults'' but OK you get the point. 

If we truly want to (and I am sure we all do) prepare our children to have the best shot for a successful and happy future, then we all must start by striking confidence in our children and telling them about their very own super powers.
were-the-new-superheroeswere-the-new-superheroes‘We’re the new superheroes’ is a new children’s book (check out the trailer here) which has just been launched in Malta and is a marvellous book written by Aunty Sab and beautifully illustrated by Emma Galea Naudi. 
This book cleverly highlights the important life skills some of which we talk about here and proposes these to the children as being their new super powers. ‘We’re the new superheroes’ is a valuable tool with which to cultivate within our children an awareness and inner strength which will help prepare them to battle any challenges which life will throw towards them. 

Another reason why I have fallen in love with this book is because it indirectly promotes gender neutrality - sending an important message whereby boys and girls are equal and that they all have exactly the same super powers. 

‘We’re the new superheroes’ is definitely the perfect start to talk about their inner strength, encourages a healthy eating habit and reminds them of just how important it is to dream.
In my opinion Jake and Emily (The new superhero characters in the book) will most definitely become Malta’s newest and most favourite superheroes, with this book being the perfect tool for first and second graders and an essential picture book for preschoolers and kindergarten. 
The picture book for little heroes with big dreams. A fun, inspiring and a book filled with an abundance of colourful illustrations - a truly every classroom and bedtime book must have! 

were_the_new_superheroesWhere can you purchase the book I hear you ask!

If you want to buy the book ‘We’re the new superheroes’ then I have news for you and I strongly suggest that you quickly make your way here and purchase your copy using our special coupon code NEWSUPERHEROES which will benefit you from 1 Euros discount (pay €7.95 instead of €8.95) and if that is not enough apart from also receiving an exclusive New Superheroes certificate ... 

The first 1000 book buyers will receive a collection of coupons from ‘superhero worthy brands) such as Oh So YummyFarmers DeliItsy Bitsy EyewearKekstor ToysGrech & Co as well as free entrance tickets to EsploraMalta National AquariumSpinach Kids Fitness and PlayMobil Funpark. 

We also recommend that you visit ‘We’re the new superheroes’ website here, and like its facebook page here to follow-on their news and events coming up around the Maltese Islands. 

Mummies, Daddies, Guardians, family, friends and teachers ... start reading, start inspiring because you have the power to shape our future generation to be independent, confident, healthy and strong individuals.