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Katja Dingli Bennetti December 08, 2016

Our interview with Quad Consultancy’s Managing Director Mark J Galea

‘We can talk about flexibility, we can argue about equal pay until we turn blue in the face but the fact of the matter is that business leaders, HR Managers and talent recruits are on quest toquad-consultancy find the most talented employees on the block - no matter if they are male or female, no matter their race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. It boils down to securing top talent, the individuals who have the drive, commitment, skills and experience to take businesses to new heights’

Some weeks back a working mum applauded her employer Mark J Galea for understanding and supporting her as a 21st century working mum so we got in touch with Mark, Quad Consultancy’s managing director to give him a pat on the back and get his expert advice on flexibility, equality and the secret to employing top talent. His words were candid, witty and just what we expected to hear from a talented business leader who has been on a mission to help organisations improve their performance by introducing them to top talent for over  two decades.

Can employees be just as productive at home as they are at the office?

‘The fact of the matter is that if someone doesn’t feel like working, they won’t, no matter if they’re at home or the office. If an employee is the parent of a child who has to rush home because of their child, forcing them to stay put until the clock strikes 5, doesn’t mean that the employee will be productive for the rest of the afternoon, it only means that they will probably start to resent their employer and the company. We encourage our team to work from any space they desire - even from the beach (this is the main reason why all our systems are cloud-based), if that’s what’s going to get the job done. You see, successful brands are the ones which know their employees well, understand that they have personal lives, recognise their potential and know that office face-time just doesn’t cut it anymore’

We are thinking - Lots of companies wouldn’t dream of offering flexi-time to anyone apart from employees who have been part of their team for a substantial amount of time because they find it easier to trust them to get the job done. But now, if  organisations do a great job at the recruitment phase and select a candidate who is a great match for their team, then nothing should stop them from being flexible with their new  team members as well. Bottom line, performance is all about productivity, measuring performance and getting the job done, it’s not about office presence.

What advice does Quad Consultancy give the companies they work with?

‘Respect employees, design a company culture that embraces diversity, talent and flexibility, and  maximise the team’s talent to stay ahead of competition. This shall keep employees loyal and excited about your brand. Offer them the financial remuneration they deserve, design a work environment that is appealing. Don’t wait until you receive a resignation letter before you make  the changes that are necessary to retain your people. Recognise the signs employees are giving you and take action. If someone is showing you that they are not as motivated as they were before - figure out why. If one of your  team members is hinting that they deserve recognition, step up. Employees need to be respected during employment and not when it’s too late. Furthermore, companies need to understand that it’s a competitive market and we’re all competing for top talent in a very limited labour market. Currently, demand exceeds supply so really and truly prospective employees are the ones interviewing their interviewers and not vice-versa. Talent has the power to choose who they want to work for and jump ship anytime they please. Realistically tying them down doesn’t solve anything, it’s all about treating them right.’

Does Quad Consultancy’s management team practice what they preach and what is their company culture like?‘

mark-j-galeaQuad’s Head of Recruitment and Operations, also the husband of an accomplish airline  captain has been a house-husband for years, I too am an active parent so we understand the importance of securing a work-life balance and believe that we can be exceptional at parenting and in our career. We employ the most skilful individuals on the block, at this point the majority of our employees are women however, in our books it’s all about  employing the best talent, it’s not about gender, nationality or age group. We’ve created a fun, flexible, and relaxed working environment, inspired very much from the gaming industry and we are by no means rigid or conservative. Our people have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, they excel at what they do and we are on a constant mission to keep them happy and engaged.’

Music to our ears. More companies are changing their philosophy and keeping up with the art of recruiting the very best thanks to consultancy firms like Quad Consultancy, so drop us a line if you work for a brand which has a company culture worth shouting over the rooftops about.