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Jobs for Mums August 24, 2017

It's simple, quick and cost effective

Women who want to start, change or progress their career are all members of the JobsforMumsMalta.com community. More than 10,000 job seekers are on the look out for the their next career move so if you’re looking to employ your next top talent Jobsformumsmalta.com is the partner for you.

rate-cardFind your perfect candidate at a minimal investment.

Advertising a vacancy on JobsforMumsMalta.com is simple, quick, cost effective and way more affordable then you probably assume. It's just a minimal fee of 65euros+VAT - that's it - no commissions, no hidden costs, no recruitment fees. (click on image for full rate-card)
HR Managers, recruiters and business owners from a vast range of industries such as education, health, wellness, ICT, telecommunications, retail, tourism, banking, finance, hospitality amongst others work promote their latest vacancy on the JobsforMumsMalta.com Online Job Portal and benefit from extraordinary results.
Vacancies are wide-spread, for various levels and cover full time work opportunities in companies which have flexi-time policies in place and part time and free-lance positions for a variety of career opportunities such as team leaders, marketing managers, website designers, nurses, health care practitioners, sales managers, receptionists, account clerks, administrators, store managers & housekeepers and any job opportunity under the sun.

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The Jobsformumsmalta.com community is determined to show the world that they can excel at home and their career and are driven to climb the career ladder and rock the working world like a pro. They have the skills, passion and experience to elegantly fit into a team and elevate your brand to the next level.

Wondering what working women bring to the table?

Confidence, Communication, Commitment, Character - these are the most common traits of women who are in 21st century board-rooms. Curious to learn more? Read one of our latest blogs and find out why women are high in-demand here. There’s more. The latest statistics show that Malta is now just 0.4 percentage points from reaching Europe 2020 employment targets. Our island's 2020 target is to have 70% of its working age workforce in employment by that date and we're proudly making sure that women are a part of our island’s success.

JobsforMumsMalta.com works. That’s a fact. Try it out and see for yourself.

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