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Jobs for Mums - Katja Dingli Bennetti April 27, 2017

The JobsforMumsMalta overview of the most popular initiatives

JobsforMumsMalta is growing at a rapid pace, some of the island's top brands are investing and choosing our brand to find talent via our online portal and for this reason, we think it's time for us to shine a light on the motivational '100 Best Companies' awards organized by Working Mother and share what company cultures are being implemented in some of the world's most iconic brands. It's time for some inspiration and motivation, so let's get started.

More about the 100 Best Companies Award

The ‘2016 Working Mother 100 Best Companies’ employ almost 2 million people in 16 industries at more than 30,000 work sites nationwide. Of these employees, more than 900,000 (46%) are women.

The 7 '100 Best Companies' initiatives that rock

1. Learning

All 2016 Best Companies offer management or leadership training, and almost all offer executive coaching, affinity groups and formal mentoring.
What we love most - Best companies continue to invest in their top talent - they understand that their people are their best asset. Here in Malta, Jobsplus has recently launched a funding scheme called 'Investing in Skills' which is designed specifically for micro, small, medium and large companies to benefit from up to 70% cash back on their training. Read more about it here  

2. Flexi-Time

The percentage of employees using flextime (80%), telecommuting (59%) and compressed work schedules (22%) all saw healthy jumps this year over last.
What we love most - First of all percentages continue to increase which is phenomenal and women at the Best Companies use flexible work arrangements at essentially the same rates as men. So if you're under the impression that women want flexi-time more than men, you're 100% mistaken.   

3. Health & Lifestyle

At the Best Companies, access to health and lifestyle coaching has increased to 97%. Since 2016, Best Companies are offering more on-site fitness centers and nutrition counseling than ever before.  
What we love most - Best companies recognise that healthy happy employees are more productive. Offering on-site fitness centres is just the cherry on the cake.

4. Female participation in the work-force

Representation of women has increased to 35% at the senior manager level and to 27% at a corporate executive level.
What we love most - Apart from this super results, women represent 46% of all employees at the Best Companies, these companies should be reaching the 50% mark in the next year or two. Amazing.

5. Top Earners

At the Best Companies, women make up about a third of the top 20% of earners (33%) and of corporate executives who report directly to the CEO (31%).
What we love most - Not much to say except power to the female force. (We couldn't resist)

6. Child-care

88% percent of Best Companies offer backup childcare, up from 86% in 2012.
What we love most - Wow. These companies are focusing on creating 'back-up childcare systems' to empower, motivate and help out parents more. A back-up. Impressive.

7. Women's Issues

Eighty-seven percent of Best Companies conduct employee opinion surveys on women’s issues.
What we love most - This is so simple to introduce and it makes employees feel cared for and counted. What’s stopping us from trying this out?

What do you think?

So there you have it. Which one is your favourite and are there any other initiatives you think you can easily implement in your work-place? Are there any measures you’ve recently introduced which deserves a round of applause? Tell us. We'd love to hear from you send us an email on or drop us a message on our Facebook page here and we'll be sure to get in touch with you. 

One last thought

Coincidentally the majority of companies on this list are also leaders in their industry and are registering some of the highest profits they've ever witnessed. We can't help but think that the more these companies introduce and implement measures, initiatives and positive shifts in their company culture, the more profits they celebrate year after year. These initiatives ensure that top companies have a productive and brand loyal workforce which continue to lead companies to their most profitable years. Music to our ears and yours too.