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Katja Dingli Bennetti June 13, 2017

Isn't it the best news you've heard in ages? The world's biggest brands are on a quest to on-board the world's most talented women and they're not going to let anything get in their way.  In this blog we’ll reveal why the biggest brands are on a quest to employ female leaders and how the ‘four Cs’ can land you the job of your dream. Get ready to feel empowered and motivated to pull up a chair in the next boardroom meeting.

What working women bring to the board room.

Well first thing’s first. What's ironic is that while roughly half of the world's population is female the amount of women in management positions is extremely low. Companies across all industries, are recognising that women bring a different set of thinking to the boardroom and top companies are craving their skills and presence. They want their top management to be passionate, creative, committed and be equipped with the natural leadership qualities which will motivate their teams to deliver exceptional world - they realized they need, they want women in their board room. ‘About time’ the sceptics, might say, ‘better late than never’ the positive ones revert back. The fact is, women are high in demand and that’s what we’re constantly been pushing for. Do women on boards really get better results?

Numbers speak louder than words

A couple of months ago, the President of 'Women Directors in Malta' an organisation which helps women make the right connections to get to board level within their own company or take on a non-executive board role and other board level roles in all sectors, published an articles on The Times of Malta and shared that the most recent informative research undertaken and published in August 2016 by Kris Byron and Corinne Post examined conflicting research about whether the presence of women on company boards improves financial performance. Byron and Post conducted a meta-analysis of the research in which they combined 140 studies spanning 35 countries and 90,000 firms, the results of which were published in the Academy of Management Journal. The key finding? Firms with women on their boards were indeed more profitable. Women in the C-suite are associated with higher profitability.

Now, let's hop over to Silicon Valley

At the home of the biggest tech brands in the world, if you happen to be a woman with the skills, certifications and passion to commit to the working world and if you have a love for the tech world well Silicon Valley companies will snatch you in a New York minute, Silicon Valley is the place to be. In a recent interview, David Chun, the chief executive of Equilar said “If you can bring a number of these different attributes, namely, character, commitment, communication & confidence, to the boardroom, you’ll be in high demand” and he’s perfectly correct.  In this space of tech brilliance, attracting women to join tech company boards has become intense, it's one of their prime recruitment missions and hopefully this epidemic will continue to hit Europe too. What's even better is that tech brands celebrate flexibility and have been pioneers in this area and to top it off in the world of tech, flexi-measures isn't promoted as a perk for women, making females feel that these measures are to give women some form of help, flexible initiatives are designed because the brilliant brains behind these brands believe that work-life balance must be achieved by millennials, men and women too.
Warren Buffet had said that the reason men have been so successful is that they have been competing with only half the population – themselves, we think he was definitely on to something.  

The competition for women is thriving and tech companies are under growing pressure to diversify their boards. While Twitter and other tech companies have taken steps to add more women to boards, the tech industry still lags others in gender diversity. According to the research firm Equilar, among Silicon Valley’s 150 largest companies, only 15 percent of board seats were filled by women in 2016, compared with 21 percent for companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. It's just not enough.

So if you're a woman on a mission to score a management position, we have your back, these are the qualities which will set you apart. These four Cs should be at the heart of everything you do, all that you aspire to achieve.

The four crucial Cs anyone in management must have.  

Character is our moral compass. In today’s world, whether one is running the church, the government or a small, media, large business it is all about doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.
Commitment is key. Be determined and focused on what you want.  Practice, transform yourself into the best on the block.
Communication is an art which just has to be mastered .  All great leaders have developed their own brand of communication skills and innately understand how to inspire others.
Confidence means believing in yourself and putting aside self-doubt even when you are fearful. Men are good at this. They have been practicing it for years, fighting as boys and raising their hands even when they didn’t know the answers. It's not arrogant to speak up or to be heard - your wisdom is gold.
Confidence, Communication, Commitment, Character rolled up with skills, passion, determination will help you score your ticket to success, these are the qualities which will fast-track you to the board room table. Are you the success story we can’t to interview? If you’ve scored a super management position or if you’re climbing the career ladder at a really fast pace drop us a line, we’d love to celebrate your story.
Learn more about 'Women Directors in Malta' here or have a look at their FB page to keep up to date with upcoming events.