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Jobs for Mums March 17, 2017

Would you like to earn extra cash? Listen up.

We know you answered yes - we did too! The truth is we can all do with some extra pocket-money. Think about it. Extra cash would mean that we have a bit more flexibility and freedom, you'll worry less, occasionally splurge, be able to save for rainy days and ultimately have more finances to make your family more comfortable. So if you're nodding your head enthusiastically, you're in the right place, it get's better.
Answer this - what about making some extra cash, from the comfort of your own home? Yes? well here's the cherry on the cake - think about making more cash, from home and not having to change your routine? We know we've got your attention now.

Hosting International Students

The Maltese islands attracts 80,000 English learning visitors each and every year. That's a lot of students isn't it? The majority of students are looking for accommodation with local families because it just makes their learning experience richer - they get to dive deep into our culture, explore our traditions and lifestyle and get the chance to love everything about Malta, and we confidently say that there's a lot to love about us because we're a hospitable friendly bunch, we connect with people quickly, we're warm and know how to treat guests in the five star fashion they're looking for.
So if you have a room, or two or even three to spare, if back in the day you invested or inherited a big home, if your children are all grown up and have moved out or if your never used study is a waste of space and can easily be transformed into a bedroom, look no further. Open your doors to international students and they'll transform your home into a money-making space. Hosting students could be your perfect way to generate some revenue without leaving  your home or adding more work to your already busy day.

It's a done deal

Apart from making money from your own home, you'll get paid on a monthly basis, enjoy back-to-back bookings, and it's tax free for up to 3500euros. So rather than praying for more hours a day, or spending more time away from home because of overtime, host international students all year round and stress less. If you live in the Swieqi, Pembroke, St Julians, St Andrews, Ibragg, Madliena, Sliema or San Gwann know that your property is high in demand so we'd suggest that you get cracking and here's exactly.
ace_english_maltaGet in touch with ACE English Malta, the island's first and only boutique language school, hop over to their website here, follow them on FB or Instagram. You can also get in touch with them by filling in this simple online form. ACE English Malta provides full host family support 24 hours a day and is giving you the chance to make money the smart way, host international students and say hello to your new business from home.

This is a paid advertorial by ACE English Malta